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Wake Up Call

Americans have been walking in their sleep for too long and are paying a high price for their slumber. While the average American placed their priorities on accumulation of “stuff” their elected officials have over stepped the bounds of their Oath and sold out to the highest bidder.

It matters not to these career scoundrels how a bill stacks up against the Constitution as long as their personal wealth experiences growth. Corporate America and special interest groups spend millions of dollars pushing their agendas which do more harm than good to the average American while boosting the personal wealth of elected officials (your supposed “servants”).

Does it matter that a bill is unconstitutional or that the Fed presides over a huge deficit? Our Legislators make many speeches filled with twisted words that may convince some that these issues are important to them. But resolution of these issues is far from their mind. Campaign Contributions, gifts and even kickbacks are more important. Anything to increase their personal wealth and stay in office (which is much easier than actually working for a living).

Americans have some tough choices to make. Are they going to allow the Federal Government and their States to impose the Real ID upon them? Are they going to buckle under to the call for greater security and give up their Liberty, their Freedom, when the plain fact is that monitoring Americans does not remove any threat or provide for greater security?

Will Americans sit idly by and allow fiscally incompetent legislators to Tax them into poverty even in the face of the very fact that there has never been a simple answer to the question: “Show me the Law?” Time and again Americans have demanded to be shown the law that makes the average working American liable for Income Tax and no one, not the IRS or any elected official, has been able to produce such a law.

How many Americans are aware of the unauthorized Treaty that is leading to a NAFTA Superhighway created by this “North American Union”? The unofficial treaty “Security and Prosperity Partnership”, now under the auspices of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, which has not gone through the proper channels of government, runs roughshod over the rights of Sovereign States of the Union. Legally, a treaty would require a two – thirds majority of the U.S. Senate to concur for its ratification as determined by the U.S. Constitution.

But what elected officials are actually basing their votes on how any legislation compares with the Constitution and their duty to protect your unalienable rights in the first place? (I know of only ONE. And the Mainstream Media seems to be ignoring his campaign for the highest office in the land.) So will they cry out about this treaty being unlawfully imposed?

Tough choices stand before you. Will you allow your every movement to be monitored by a government that was designed to be your servant? Will you continue to allow that servant to steal your wealth and Freedom? Or are you one of the many brainwashed zombies excitedly anticipating having a chip as small as a grain of rice implanted in your hand?

Wake up! Rub the sleep from your eyes, grab a cup of coffee to go and go do something to protect (and regain) your Liberty!


June 15, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Ron Paul

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