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“Fair and Balanced” ? … Not even Close

I’ve been stewing for the past few days. My anger with the Mainstream Media has been at level highs since the Iowa Straw Polls.

Watching FOX to find out how the Straw Poll turned out I discovered 2 very important things. I’ll tell you what those are in a minute. First, let me show you the results FOX listed compared to the actual results of the poll.

FOX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Actual

Mitt Romney . . . . . . . . . Mitt Romney
Mike Huckabee . . . . . . . Mike Huckabee
Sam BrownbacK . . . . . . Sam Brownback
Tom Tancredo . . . . . . . .Tom Tancredo
Tommy Thompson . . . . RON PAUL
Fred Thompson . . . . . . Tommy Thompson
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fred Thompson

Note that FOX had not mentioned Ron Paul’s 5th place finish in that poll. Being truthful with myself I cannot fathom how I could possibly think that they would in the first place. They have gone to great lengths to avoid mentioning his name so why would anyone think they would change their tune even with any Straw Poll?

Now on to what I have discovered.

There is a reason that they don’t mention Ron Paul. The reason is the same reason that they have had in past elections. They believe that the general public (yeah, You!) are so stupid that you will allow them to sway your opinion and they (the media) will actually elect the next President.

You and I both know this is true. They love the little “sound bites” that people end up repeating in conversations with their friends. Seems like everyone tries to impress upon others just how intelligent they are by use of these sound bites. After all, if the “media” says it then it must be “true”.

But there is one major reason that they don’t mention Ron Paul and his campaign for President. Do you have any idea what it is?

They are AFRAID!

Yep. They are running scared of Ron Paul and his message. They know that if Ron Paul gets any kind of media attention his campaign will reach the general public and they will not be able to put their man in the white house. They will lose the power that they believe they now have. They will be reduced to actually reporting facts instead of inserting their doctrine of one world government into their editorializing of current events if Ron Paul’s message gets out.

It is my belief that a commercial (radio and/or TV) pointing out the very fact that the Media is hiding facts from the general public would work very well to promote Ron Paul’s campaign as well as bring to the attention of the ‘general public’ that the media believes them to be stupid sheep that will do their bidding. But that’s my opinion.

A simple truth: If the Media is attacked because of their purposeful avoidance of even the mention of Ron Paul’s name they would be forced to address the accusation. That in itself will make it near impossible for the Media to avoid the mention of his name.

2 Facts stand out: They refused to mention Congressman Paul’s Iowa Straw Poll finish even though they listed others that didn’t do as well AND, even though they have been making a big hoo haw out of the attempts of other candidates to use the internet to their advantage they refuse to report about Ron Paul’s successful use of the internet. (Of course, we know the success is in the message).

Attack the Media. I encourage all of Ron Paul supporters to email the various news media and express their disappointment at the lack of coverage of Ron Paul’s campaign. Use the two examples of such lack of coverage to get your point across. Let them know that you are not “sheep” and that Ron Paul’s message is getting out to more people than even they could imagine.

There is a revolution happening. Let them know that they are missing the really “Big Story”.


August 16, 2007 - Posted by | Media, Politics, Ron Paul


  1. Man, Ice…

    Nobody is afraid of Ron Paul! The thing in Washington D.C. is not even our government! It is a private Corporation and if you thiink that I am kidding please start your research with ‘The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.’

    The die was cast long before that, though. The issue of individual sovereignty without subjects is core to the whole crisis that we as individuals are facing in this fabled land called America, by some, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, by others. It is a totally fascist state. A fictitious ‘ship’ of state under Roman Law. The UCCD and not the constitution is the law of the land.

    Ron Paul won’t make any kind of a difference whatsoever nor will the Electoral College ‘put’ him in that seat where the beast of burden known as the President of the US sits and bull shits thosae who are totally unaware of what went down in this country so long ago.

    Know what SERE is? I do hope that you are prepared to link up with those of us who do or forever wear the yoke of slavery. Indebted to foreign bankers, thieves, who run the country and own everyone in it.

    Live free or die. No place to run, no place to hide. I see Cindy Sheehan is running for Congress. Woopdie do! Fat lot of good that will do. Anyone who joins that gang of ripoffs and thieves must be subserviant to the lie.

    We need to elect aa real Government from the ground up with a new Constitution and a new capitol Let that be in our hearts. I’d rather die standing up then live on my knees. I don’t know about you, I just accepted an invitation to join this forum.

    Won’t harangue you any longer but I suggest you look elsewhere than at the traitors who run, like dogs, for the handouts they get by joining the elitist club in the beltway! Any SOCOM men out there who know what time it is?

    De Oppresso Liber!
    That’s us, Ice…



    Comment by Vaxen Var | August 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hmmm… so what you are saying is that if people vote for men like Ron Paul for Federal, State or Local offices that nothing will change? Am I understanding you correctly?

    You claim that no one is afraid of Ron Paul. Yet they continue to avoid the very mention of his name in the Media. Most of us relate the evident bias of the Media to Fear. The Media understands what happens when people actually hear Dr. Paul speak on the issues.

    It is my belief that those people still tied into the system, with voters registration card in hand, can force a change. But it would take overwhelming numbers… numbers that cannot be swept under the rug in any fashion. Also, this change must begin at the local level FIRST.

    Your comment that Ron Paul won’t make any kind of a difference whatsoever is far from the Truth. Ron Paul has already made a difference. Ron Paul and his large number of supporters are EDUCATING people that have had absolutely no idea of the matrix that has stifled their lives and stolen their freedom. Every day that Ron Pauls campaign continues is a day that someone, somewhere, awakes from their slumber to the Truth.

    Would not this “awakening” be beneficial to efforts of change at the Local and State levels??

    I will continue to support Congressman Paul and his efforts because of the very fact that he is reaching so many people. The hope that Ron Paul brings has not in any way caused me to discontinue my efforts to protect my freedom and prepare for any eventuality.

    We cannot deny that freedom comes with a price. People like Ron Paul are courageous enough to publicly expose others to those truths that people like you and I have already found and not only have you no words of encouragement but your own words demonstrate a refusal to acknowledge that he has made any impact whatsoever. On this point we disagree.

    A point that we do agree on is that “they” will do everything possible to keep Ron Paul, and others like him, from public service by use of fraud and deceit if need be.


    Comment by Ice | August 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. Dear Ice,

    I do agree with you but I just do not believe that there is any hope any longer and that not even men of Dr. Pauls calibur will be able to effect a change. I wish I could, I sincerely do…but as far as I can see anyone who is tied to the monstrosity in Washington D.C. is subject to it and that includes Dr. Paul.

    I think this nation has been totally torn apart and the doom knell has been heard. It is only a matter of time as the so called Nation is being, has been, apportioned amongst the traitors who sold us down the river long ago. Witness the SPP and NAU.

    And long before that NAFTA and GATT. I believe that to register in that system makes you a fourteenth amendment citizen as accepting any of its’ handouts, licensing, etc., also does. It is insideous beyond belief.

    Have you ever read anything about 4GW, assymetrical warfare, or scalar warfare, or exotic weaponry? Guess who it is and will be directed against? SWAT teams across the land are receiving SWORD robots which are armed, a;ready being used in Iraq, and can throw granades, shoot five shotgun rounds, throw two grenades and, in general, will not be choosey about what or who they kill.

    Some call the fascist state the New World Order, as mentioned by Adolph Hitler and George Herbert Walker Bush, and others. Global elites vying for control of planet earth and its’ resources.

    You probably know all that, anyway, but many in the beltway don’t and many there are so totally corrupted by the ‘money game’ and its’ progenitors. Men like Ron Paul will be silenced but as I mentioned I don’t believe that they will, or could, make any difference whatsoever. J.Edwards has a good platform, too, but I don’t think he’ll be ‘put’ into office either.

    I look forward to war right here in this land of a sort that no one has been prepared for. Oh, it’s already begun. An interesting site for you to peruse would be this one by Colonel Tom Bearden

    Now if Ron Paul were of a mind to set up a parallel Government more in lines with the original constitution of the people, by the people, and for the people, and establish a new capitol…I might get interested in his platform and even push it. But, he won’t…

    Thankyou so much, Ice, for at least believing that the Res Publica is still salvagable. And good luck to you.



    Comment by Vaxen Var | August 30, 2007 | Reply

  4. I understand your point of view… that nothing can stop the machine. But why go down without making the attempt to reverse it? Sure, one man can only do so much. But Ron Paul is “cloning” himself with every speech he makes.

    A new government with a new capital isn’t necessary… yet. [I’m sure that when ‘martial law’ is imposed that there will be several groups attempting to establish a new government and a new ‘civil war’ will begin]. If Ron Paul successfully gained office the entire mess could be reversed. OUT goes the Federal Reserve, the IRS and all the other thieves. (It almost seems that you do not know very much about Ron Paul and that would surprise me.)

    In the last 24 hours I have received several emails with warnings from various groups that this coming Sunday and Monday will be particularly nasty days for this nation. The election of ’08 may not even take place. And it would make sense that “they” would want to speed up their time table because of the very fact that more and more people are waking up. The ’08 Campaign, the surge in the ‘anti-Tax’ movement, the RealID and other issues have been reaching more and more people. It may soon become impossible for “them” to realize their goal of domination. So it seems that stepping up the time table is the only option for “them”.

    There may be some bloody days in the future. But one could not expect anything less in defense of Liberty. [Of course, the feminization of America has insured that a great many ‘men’ will present no problem to wannabe conquerers.] We should all be prepared to make use of the last box available to protect our freedom.


    Comment by Ice | September 1, 2007 | Reply

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