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Hannity Lies To Discredit Ron Paul After Debate

This Article is another that points out the bias against Ron Paul.

There are many attempts to ridicule him and it just isn’t working as they would like. The very fact that Hannity would lie about the results of the text poll demonstrate the effort to continue the bias. Note also that Ron Paul elicited vociferous reaction from the crowd unlike the reactions the other candidates received. Not only that (!!) but check this quote from a message from Ron Paul at his campaign blog:



“After the debate, many young people gathered around the stage to discuss our ideas and ask questions about them (and to have me sign their badges). My colleagues got no such response, and after a few moments, “security” ordered me off the stage. Can’t have any such demonstration of interest in liberty.But the young are with us, and so are Americans of every stripe. Even party officials. When one of my opponent said it was OK to lose elections through supporting the Iraq war, that set party people’s teeth on edge, and rightly so. The Republican party is shrinking. We need new people. It’s either our ideas or President Hillary, and more and more people recognize it.”

The latest message from Ron Paul is very upbeat with current information about the campaign. Visit


September 8, 2007 - Posted by | Media, Politics, Ron Paul

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