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Not Fair & Not Balanced: OutFoxed

The latest news on the “most fair & Balanced” network is the exclusion of Ron Paul in an upcoming telecast NH debate (Details Here). The very fact that Fox leans way to the right of the political spectrum is demonstrated very well in a DVD available at

You can view the movie in parts at YouTube. Here is a little taste of what the movie contains:

It should be evident that, once again, the Media is attempting to sway the American Voter with misinformation, disinformation or NO Information in regards the candidates. This very point is evident in the treatment of candidates by Fox News personnel. Note the reactions by any of them when Ron Paul is mentioned. Also note that Ron Paul is not included in most of the coverage of the Republican Primary by Fox News shows.

I am certain that many of you are sick and tired of corporate mainstream medias attempts at mind control. A great many are sick and tired of the media, particularly Fox News, not acknowledging Ron Paul and his campaign. Don’t expect any in depth coverage of Ron Paul’s position on the issues.

It has become very clear that it is up to Ron Paul’s supporters to get the message out. It may be time to demonstrate to others just how biased the Media is and offering possible explanations as to why it is that the Media does not want to properly and factually inform others about Ron Paul and his position on the most important issues.

We have all been subjected to consistent snide remarks and blunt dismissals when Ron Paul is mentioned instead of probing questions about the candidate or his platform. Isn’t it the Medias job to INFORM, to dig up, research and present the Truth to their viewers? Shouldn’t The People be allowed to base their own judgment upon actual FACTS? Shouldn’t the Media present as many FACTS as possible to allow The People to make an educated decision?

Obviously Fox News and Rupert Murdoch believe it is the job of the Media to sway people to vote for whom they think is best for this country as opposed to presenting factual information and allowing The People to judge this very important issue based on those facts.

Suggestion: The next time you see a news reporter pooh-pooh anything – research it. You may discover that news reporter to not only be biased but ignorant of Truth and not worth watching.

Is it any wonder that more and more people get their news from the Internet?? But even here we must be careful. I have seen total error in the reporting of Ron Paul’s position on issues such as marriage, drugs and abortion. And here on the Internet we can easily perform research to check facts as opposed to the millions being manipulated by corporate media television.

If ever there was a time for people to become active, NOW is that time. Spread the Message. This election will decide if America becomes the Land of the Free or a nation of Slaves.


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