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Distorted News Demonstrates Bias

It has been reported that Ron Paul supporters attempted to block Mike Huckabee from entering his Iowa campaign headquarters alongside some anti-war protesters. (Videos of the Truth below).

This report is far from the Truth.

It just so happens that the Ron Paul supporters were standing outside Ron Pauls campaign headquarters which is right next door (entrance around the corner) to Huckabee HQ.

Only the “anti-war” demonstrators were arrested. None of the Ron Paul supporters were arrested and not one of them was involved in the protest at the Huckabee camp.

Once again the Media has distorted the news in an attempt to shed a bad light upon Ron Paul and his supporters. Calls for a correction or retraction have gone unanswered. As you can see, it is a concerted effort of all Major Mainstream Media to shed a negative light on Ron Paul and his supporters. This phenomenon is not unique to FOX News.

You can view the distorted CNN article and reader comments HERE.

MSNBC also distorts the same story HERE. Please scroll down through the comments section to find comments directly related to the incident. You will discover the truth of the matter. By the way, MSNBC actually reported that the protesters involved were Ron Paul supporters. A total distortion of the FACTS.

Video of the Protesters in Huckabee’s HQ.

Video of Ron Paul supporters outside Ron Paul’s HQ, around the corner from Huckabee’s HQ.


January 2, 2008 - Posted by | Media, Politics, Ron Paul


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