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Foreclosure Fraud

I would like to take this time to acknowledge a man for all that he has contributed on my path to Truth. Prof. Jim and I have known each other for quite a few years now and we have had differing perspectives on some issues but have always agreed on the basic foundations of the truth of those issues.

Once again the Prof. has brought something of importance to my attention that coincides with a great many other issues we have researched together. Please read the email below and visit Barbara Ann Jacksons website.Thank You, Prof.


From Barbara Ann Jackson (

Representation about $$$ billion dollar losses due to people defaulting on mortgages should be weighed against the fact that Freddie Mac and Wells Fargo needlessly pay DEBT COLLECTION firms outrageous legal fees for corporate lawyers to outmaneuver -and even persecute people who file court proceedings in opposition to fraudulent foreclosures.

FORECLOSURE FRAUD enables MORTGAGE LENDERS to ILLEGALLY FLIP properties. It is HIGHLY COMMON for a DEBT COLLECTOR attorney to file a foreclosure naming a DEFUNCT mortgage company, or naming a mortgage company which is NO LONGER holder of the promissory note; or file a foreclosure affixing a “ransom” amount (the collector’s fee) far exceeding the “Acceleration Clause.”

A long overdue call to IMPEACH federal Judge Thomas Porteous came on December 20th. Associatively, New Orleans judicial corruption has long become manifest by the deliberate modes the courts enable attorneys to APPROPRIATE UNLAWFULLY real estate from scores of defaulted borrowers.

Despite a property owner’s entitlement to Challenge CONTRARY-TO-LAW loss of his / her home, most property owners lack legal knowledge, the Court System is REFRACTORY; and there are limited attorneys with Consumer Law acumen. Undeniable facts and evidence such as court transcripts, pleadings, documents, and other overwhelming PROOF of accusations I am writing in this email is posted at

Although judicial impropriety is a common problem, the FORECLOSURE CRISIS & NATIONWIDE MORTGAGE MESS WILL BE POSITIVELY IMPACTED from examining real estate & mortgage racketeering schemes being OPENLY conducted by mortgage giants like these. Please see for yourself! Even see how the courts issue rulings in favor of non-existent / never-served parties, AND MORE!

In fact, the longstanding, brazen conduct of federal Judge Porteous is consistent with how things are generally done within the Eastern District Federal Court System, located in New Orleans; of which the Federal 5th Circuit and the supreme court of Louisiana are also located in quid pro quo New Orleans.

If it appears I have an axe to grind; I do, as I think of lives and businesses that have become irreparably harmed because judges take bribes or refuse to apply established laws. However, my meager efforts are intended for purposes of doing what I can to make a difference for social good.

Because FOR MORE THAN A YEAR, I have been emailing most of you, I hope you might’ve noticed or even verified some of the INFO I’ve been sharing. NOW, if any of what I submitted seems to have any merit, would you please consider helping by circulating my email or calling attention to my website or EVEN TALKING ABOUT MY STORY(to media, legislators, Congresspersons, WHOMEVER!)? Among other things, I feel certain it will cause more broader examination and answers for the NATIONWIDE MORTGAGE MESS, and various factors affecting the economy and social conditions. (Also, it might help my ongoing public appeal for legal representation.) Thanks in advance.

**If it will help, here’s a few links:

Barbara Ann Jackson
Law & Grace, Inc.
PO Box 5373
Shreveport, LA 71135

January 7, 2008 - Posted by | Banks, Credit, Fraud, Loans/Mortgage


  1. Thanks Ice for another informative post, in service of the good of “the people”…the real power of this country. Would that “we the people” finally wake up.

    Elya Katz

    Comment by elyakatz | January 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank You. Also hoping that more of the People would wake from their slumber to the reality around them and the fact that they have the power for real change.

    Comment by Ice | January 7, 2008 | Reply

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