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Free Speech Officially Eliminated

A new approach to “security” has come with a great cost to our way of life. The definition of “force” and “violent radicalization” within recently passed H.R. 1955, “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”, leaves no doubt that Free Speech has been eliminated by Congressional Vote.

All the effort The People have put forth to keep the Internet free of regulation has come to naught. Just as Congress found a way around The People’s dissent regarding a National ID card by implementing the RealID, they have also found a way to regulate the Internet.

Remember that it is not the physical Internet itself that is a threat to the status quo. It is the ability of dissenting voices to be heard, open debate of important issues and the illumination of the stealth tactics used against The People that threaten the control the elite has steadily gained over the minds of the unsuspecting People of this once great land.

Congress has now fallen prey to the whims of the globalists with the passage of this bill. With a finality Free Speech has come to an end.

There will come a day in which you will see candidates charged with crimes against the state because of their position for “change”. Candidates, such as Ron Paul, will find themselves deemed “Terrorists” and locked up, more than likely in one of the many “camps” the so-called “conspiracy nuts” have been warning you about for years. (Maybe the passage of this bill will open the doors of those camps).

Definitions of words and terms used within the laws passed by those servants elected to protect the Rights of the People demonstrate the actual intent of the law. Many times I have come across the naysayers that claim these definitions are not important, that they have no secret meaning, that these words are used in their common ordinary meaning. Upon closer examination of the bill in question, they may change their mind.

Before providing the video I would first like to provide Ron Paul’s remarks made on Dec. 5, 2007. Dr. Paul’s remarks seemed “tame” in comparison to the remarks of some of The People that have investigated the Act and understand its impact upon our liberty.

Please view this short video which demonstrates the death of Free Speech with its probe of the Act.


January 9, 2008 - Posted by | End of America, Freedom & Liberty, Law, Politics

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