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Parroting Paul for Votes

It has not escaped me that words such as Constitution, Liberty and Freedom have been more prevalent from the mouths of other candidates since the first debate of this primary election. Particularly the word “Constitution”. They began their attempts to imitate what they believed works for Ron Paul as they perceived the Dr. as a viable threat to their candidacy. Maybe the voters should look at the candidates records and come to a decision based on consistency of position.

The Washington Times is now reporting that Mike Huckabee has stated that he would Amend the Constitution to prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming citizens. Now here is the twist within that article:

“… a radical step no other major presidential candidate has embraced.”

Does this demonstrate a desperation for votes on the part of Mike Huckabee? Sure seems that way considering that RON PAUL has not only introduced legislation (June 13, 2007: H.J. Res. 46) regarding this issue but has consistently held this position for years as demonstrated in this article dated October 2, 2006.

Ron Paul has made a solid commitment to The People regarding the issue of illegal immigration. It irritates a good many Americans that Mike Huckabee would parrot Ron Paul’s position on this issue just to gain votes in hopes of assuring his election.

Considering Mike Huckabee’s past performance regarding this issue it is highly doubtful that he would even attempt to push for such a change. He has a long record of giving tax dollars away to illegal aliens. He pressed for illegal aliens to gain college tuition benefits, complained about federal immigration raids within his state and declined to have the state police enforce immigration laws even though the state legislature gave him the authority to do so.

Mike Huckabee may just be saying what he believes the People want to hear. But what would happen if he gained that high office? Would he actually stick to this new found policy or press on as he has done in the past?

And of course, the Washington Times has stated that the article only dealt with “major” candidates. But that doesn’t wash. On page 2 the article also stated:

“Members of Congress have never tried to change birthright citizenship by law.”

They can’t get around this one. As I stated earlier, Congressmen Ron Paul has introduced such legislation and the Washington Times refusal to provide these facts is another slight against Ron Paul and should be considered another attempt by Mainstream Media to have a profound effect upon the political process.


January 9, 2008 - Posted by | Fraud, Media, Politics, Ron Paul

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