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Economy: Candidates Will Spend More, U.S. Broke

I’d like to share an article and a video that demonstrate the dire straits the U.S. economy is in.  And the problem we currently face is that there is only ONE candidate campaigning in these primaries that has any plan to fix the problem.  The rest of them all stand on positions that will secure the end of the U.S. economy and the end of the American way of Life.  Here are some excerpts from that article:

The problems our economy is facing today mirror that of the disastrous 1970’s stagflation.  Sadly, we still have not learned our lesson.  The causes are the same – high oil prices, tensions in the Middle East, a weak job market, and a plummeting dollar.  The only difference is that today interests rates are artificially low, whereas the 14% back then was relative to the dollar.  Today, the FED is allowing our dollar to lose its value in an attempt to stop the economy from crashing, however, the truth is that the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government are working hand-in-hand to make the dollar worthless in order to force the American People to accept a joint-currency with Mexico and Canada.  The Canadian People are against it, the American People are in the dark, and the Mexican government is pushing for it.

Apparently, the Iraq War has become a non-issue for all the candidates except for Ron Paul.  Democrats have turned their entire campaigns toward Universal Healthcare and increasing taxes and spending on even more government programs.  Needless to say they wouldn’t know an ounce of gold from a T-Bill.  The Republicans are still using fear-mongering and warning us of the “evil Jihadists” out to get us.  So, we are forced to choose between tales of poor children in crumbing schools and tales of desert dwellers with nukes.  Pleeeease!!!  Let’s get real!

We are facing economic collapse and the end of freedom as we know it.  Why, oh why, is no one talking about this?  Why is Ron Paul, against entitlement programs, the only candidate actually willing to pay for Social Security for our retirees and healthcare for all by simply bringing all our troops home and using all those trillions of dollars here, in America?  Why is Ron Paul the only candidate willing to use our defense budget to actually DEFEND America, here on our soil, by truly securing our borders and funding a real domestic anti-missile defense program?  Why do Republicans want to build a missile-defense system in Poland, when Iran is nowhere near Poland?  How can anyone believe that we do not intend to attack Russia?  Please, use some logic, People!

You can find the rest of that article, titled: “Reason to be Optimistic“, at

And the video comes from the one and only Glenn Beck.  That’s right.  Glenn Beck interviews the Head of the GAO, the Nation’s top accountant, Comptroller General David Walker.


January 10, 2008 - Posted by | Credit, Economy, End of America, Fraud, Freedom & Liberty, Loans/Mortgage, Politics, Ron Paul

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