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Ron Paul: Right on the “Money”

We have all seen the disrespect Ron Paul has received. The snickers of other candidates and way out of line comments regarding Congressman Pauls Foreign Policy Position during debates is most disturbing. Even worse is the Media’s ridicule, their misreporting of facts and lack of true in depth coverage … or even coverage that is anything slightly close to what the other candidates receive.

But there is a darker side to all of this. All of the other candidates and the Media are either keeping a secret from you or they are totally in the dark about the serious trouble the U.S. economy is in.

In the previous post it is mentioned that candidates will spend more regardless of the huge deficit the U.S. now has. The Democratic side, Hillary in particular, wants to initiate all sorts of new socialistic programs which is gathering the vote of the poor who may not be aware that they will only be hurt immensely if they dare to ask the government for anything more. The Republicans are not all that conservative either it seems. The War and military build up, programs that will shred your privacy and steal your liberty are high on their agenda. And let’s not forget that it will be business as usual with both parties: Foreign Aid will continue, the Welfare state will continue and you will continue to pay for all of it.

But Ron Paul is Right on the “Money”. Ron Paul is speaking out and warning the American People about the predicament they are in and giving them the only options they have. Ron Paul is not only the only candidate that has offered a “fix” but he is the only candidate that seems to have a clue. He is the only candidate that is willing to offer the hard medicine needed to undo the damage that has been caused by a Congress that has over stepped the bounds of their authority.

He has brought up the fact that over 70 million baby boomers will soon be added to the Social Security Retirement system, that there is no money to fund entitlement programs, that inflation is actually much more than actually reported and that these trends will continue as politicians feed voters their “feel good” messages instead of speaking out about the issue and of the undeniable fact that if hard choices are not made now the U.S. economy will simply collapse.

When Ron Paul speaks of the economy, currency devaluation, and overextending obligations he speaks of a priority issue for this nation. This nation cannot and will not stand if this is not brought to the forefront and dealt with. We deserve, at the very least, an honest and open discussion of this issue by all the candidates. If they won’t discuss it and bring serious options to the table – they don’t deserve your vote.

Again, in the previous post you heard Comptroller General David Walker speak regarding the trouble the economy faces. Ron Paul is not a “lone wolf” when it comes to this issue. And you can only agree that Congressman Paul’s assessment of the economic situation is highly accurate (right on the “money”) in light of what David Walker states.

David Walker’s tune isn’t changing any time too soon. Here he is again, speaking of the looming fiscal crisis the U.S. faces.

U.S. Headed for Fiscal Crisis?

60 Minutes Summary by Steve Kroft

And Ron Paul on the Korelin Economics Report: The Truth about the Economy: Total Collapse

The economic troubles faced by the U.S. can be dealt with. The U.S. must get back on track with the Constitution and steer away from Globalism and those politicians that are friends of it. The best medicine for this looming crisis is a vote for Congressman Ron Paul.

Still not convinced?

The Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar:

And “The Ultimate Dollar Collapse”


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  1. […] The only thing we can expect is hard times if the hard choices and sacrifices are not made today. HERE is the rest of my rant. __________________ Subscribe and Contribute to The Ice Blog & Inside […]

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  2. Ron Paul is done, and should of never started.

    Comment by coollikeme | January 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. coolikeme,

    Ron Paul is not done. He is just getting started.

    How can you say that Ron Paul is done? There have only been but a couple of small primary competitions held. But here is the big question: How can you say he is done when you don’t seem to know what he set out to do in the first place?

    Ron Paul’s message is getting out there. Ron Paul has sat in Congress, seemingly a one man stand against the flood of those that would trample the very foundation of the nation. He has found that he is not alone.

    The message spreads like a wild fire. The message is taking root and will continue to grow. There may come a day when folks will look back to this time and regret the foolish vote they cast. (People have had that regret before … even today some regret the last presidential vote they cast).

    We have all seen how change comes about. It begins slowly at first and grows a bit at a time. This primary has allowed a message to reach millions. Ron Paul’s candidacy is the actual beginning of a revolution that many have long been awaiting. The revolution is here, gathering speed and jogging at a good pace.

    The goal is Change. And not the kind of change that the other candidates so lightly speak of. The goal is to change the direction the nation is heading. The goal is to stop the nations march towards globalism and a return to the principles of Liberty.

    No. Ron Paul isn’t done. He is just getting started.


    Comment by Ice | January 15, 2008 | Reply

  4. I wonder why coolikeme thinks Ron Paul is finished? Isn’t that a bit premature? I get the most hits on my blog when I discuss him. The internet community is very interested in him.

    Everyone who cares about true freedom needs to go out and get involved in the Primaries and Caucuses. That’s where the real power is…not in the popular vote in November. That means very little. Get busy, and vote in delegates for Ron Paul.

    Comment by elyakatz | January 15, 2008 | Reply

  5. Thank you for bringing these themes together. You may be interested to know that Ron Paul addressed the efforts and message of David Walker from the GAO back in November, here:
    Rumor has it that Mr. Walker supports Ron Paul as well. I say rumor because I’ve heard this from one person whom I don’t even know. It seems likely in that Ron is one of few candidates talking about economics, (none of them so-called front runners) but it is something we are unlikely to hear from Mr. Walker directly, as he remains strongly non-partisan.

    Comment by G Banville | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thanks for your comments. With the radio & TV blasting about yet another “stimulus” package I am beginning to wonder when the people are really going to start putting 2+2 together.

    Here we have 2 men, very knowledgeable on the subject, giving them warning that if the gov. doesn’t change (real change) they will be in economic despair … and then we hear a call from the gov. for a “stimulus” package making it seem as though there is no real danger… just a little tax cut for the people to help bring more revenues to the gov. is needed.

    And why haven’t the people figured out that the “tax cuts to stir growth” programs which have been so successful lead one to conclude that the gov. would bring in even more revenue without the IRS?? Doesn’t it make sense that if “tax cuts” bring more revenue to the gov. then we should do away with the one taxing machine which also has a high cost to maintain – amounting to revenue and savings?

    People: 2+2=4!

    SideNote to “coollikeme”: Since Rudy has now lost 2 of the last 3 campaigns to Ron Paul… shouldn’t Rudy be “done”?? If Rudy is also attempting to get a “message” out there, what is it? I mean other than “I want to be President”?? Are not his speeches filled with the same rhetoric that all other candidates (aside from Ron Paul) are spewing? Yes, if anyone is done – it isn’t Ron Paul!!

    Comment by Ice | January 17, 2008 | Reply

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