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Which GOP Candidate Will Shrink Size and Cost of Government?

There was a time when the Republican party stood united against taxation, spending, over regulation, centralized government and social programs.  Times have changed.  Recently I have made the comment that Republicans sound more and more like their Democratic counterparts.  Of course, there are exceptions and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I believe all Republicans are adopting the more socialistic attitude of the Democratic majority.

It was reported today that the cost of the war has siphoned over 400 Billion Dollars from the economy.  At a cost of almost 13 Million Dollars per day, whether you support the war or not, the effect that war spending is having on the economy is very evident.  It should be noted that there is one candidate that truly understands this financial burden on the economy and has the courage to do something about it.

The National Taxpayers Union has recently put out a report which concludes that all the GOP candidates, with one exception, will actually increase spending.  Mitt Romney would increase spending by $19.5 Billion, John McCain’s increase would amount to $6.9 Billion and Mike Huckabee would increase spending a whopping $54 Billion.

What has happened to the Republican platform of smaller government and less spending?  It is still alive and well in one of the GOP Candidates: Ron Paul.  The NTU’s report states that, when you crunch the numbers, only Ron Paul would actually shrink the size and cost of Federal Government.

Ron Paul supporters actually get this.  That’s right.  The sign waving, shouting and enthusiastic supporters of Ron Paul are not just a bunch of anti-war protesters.  These are people that understand the economic challenges America faces.  There is no doubt that when Ron Paul said: “Just bring ’em home!”, there were many Democrats, liberals and independents that joined his campaign as they were not hearing such decisive speech about the war from the other candidates, including the Democrats.  But once involved they became enlightened to a vision of America they had once scoffed at because of a total misunderstanding of it as well as a misunderstanding of the role Government is limited to in the daily life of Americans.

These numbers that have come over to take part in the Republican party could easily have supported Kucinich or some other anti-war Democrat.  Upon researching the positions of Congressman Paul, and their overall effect on the American landscape, they have become fervent supporters.  Mainstream Republicans seem to miss the point that Congressman Paul has garnered this energetic support by promoting traditional conservative ideals.

If the GOP ever finds its way back to those traditional ideals they could reshape America into something far greater than it ever has been.  The Party’s growth is directly attributed to Congressman Paul’s campaign.  And that campaign stands on the traditional ideals of the Republican Party.  The front runners of the GOP primary have yet to understand the consequences of abandoning those principles.



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