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Ron Paul Brings Change Now

Recently received an email from a friend with a link to an article at

For the benefit of my readers here, I post my reply to that email:



It is apparent that some people just don’t “get it”.

How would Ron Paul reach any American Voter if he were to walk around pointing the finger at the goverment for 9/11??  The truth of the matter is that he wouldn’t stand even a slight chance at the ballot box.

But leaving all the conspiracy theories to the side would be one way to reach the voters.  If Ron Paul did become president then maybe those 9/11 Truther’s would have a voice and see some form of action taken to resolve the issue once and for all.

The one strategy that always works in a political campaign is to stand on issues that reach as many voters as possible.  The 9/11 group is a small group compared to those that have bought the BS from D.C.  So by not directly addressing the conspiracy theory during the campaign would lead to more votes than if he were to join that band wagon.

The purpose is to win the election – not drive people away.  Remember, he is a Congressman and is already walking a tight rope … has been for years.

The fact that Ron Paul has stated he is a Republican and will remain a Republican sits well with me.  In several states the Ron Paul Revolutionaries have taken over their local and state GOP.  Change starts from WITHIN… not by pressure from WITHOUT.

Ron Pauls Presidential Campaign has resulted in many positives over the last several months.  Already mentioned are the changes in the state and local GOP that are continuing to take place, young people have been motivated to take an active part in the political process, the truth about the economic plight of the nation has been laid bare and the truth about the treason committed by elected officials has finally been brought to the table.

Americans are going to take a good hard look at what their elected officials are doing in D.C. and may even hold up their actions against the spotlight of the Constitution and begin questioning those representatives and demanding they abide by their oath of office.  The younger element may even begin to take serious legal action against representatives that cast votes contrary to the Constitution or the will of their constituents.

Ron Paul’s campaign has awakened many more millions of Americans than we have ever been able to accomplish to this point in time.  The awakening will continue as long as the revolutionaries remain involved in the political process.

Here is my prediction: If John McCain wins the GOP nomination we will see a Democrat voted into the White House with the largest landslide in history.

But the future Congressional and Senate elections will see many new faces voted in based on their positions which will mirror Ron Paul’s.

After 4 years of the same old song and dance we may see the American Voter come to his senses and elect a True Constitutionalist to the White House.

Keep the Faith.  The Movement isn’t dead and isn’t about to die.  Ron Paul is still in the race and will remain in the race until the GOP Convention brings the primary campaign to an end.  Regardless of the outcome: The Ron Paul Delegates will have a voice at the Convention and their issues may become an integral part of the party platform for the general election.  This is why it is so important to remain involved in the process.

Read Ron Paul’s letter again.  It clearly states that he is staying in the race.  He is only slimming down the staff and putting some time into his Congressional campaign.  He didn’t drop out of the race.  Do not allow any negative opinions to stifle the momentum of the movement.

If the folks at believe that change can be forced upon either party from WITHOUT – they are welcome to that delusion.  The true change is coming from WITHIN – in spite of their inability to realize the true purpose of the movement.

And what is the true purpose of the movement?  TO BRING CHANGE!!  Real Change … not the kind of change the other candidates are speaking of (which is really the same old song and dance).

The movement rolls on and change is coming – it is happening every waking moment.



This Candidate Doesn’t Quit!!


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  1. Thanks for saying what I believe truly makes sense.People must not give up the good fight and change from withing is the only real way to ensure it happens. We all owe Ron Paul a huge debt of gratitude for waking us up from our slumber of complacency.I know there are those who have not been asleep but many of us have been and it’s time we awaken the whole country! I keep talking to those around me about the abuses that are going on in our government by those “governing.” Ron Paul has galvanized us and cleared my eyes and there really is no turning back is there?
    Let us keep the faith and bolster one another. I’m tired already of the negative energy and the criticisms by the faint of heart. Let them retreat to their beds and go back to sleep! As for me I intend to stay awake!

    Comment by Mary Petrini | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Ron Paul spoke at our FreedomFest conference last year and he has been invited again this year to join our 100 plus speakers and 1,000 plus attendees in Las Vegas on July 10 -12. See

    Comment by Ron Holland | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. I can only echo these words since they were so cogent to the Ron Paul/Freedom Movement. My remark is this “Ditto” regarding the words of CF in this discourse.

    By someone named “ColdFusion”:
    This is long… but every word is from the heart.

    I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life waiting for things to change for the better. They have not. In fact, things have only become worse. You all know exactly where I’m coming from.

    Year by year, the American people are picked apart, lied to, robbed, enslaved and have had their Constitutional rights systematically stolen.

    I’m a U.S. Marine. I’ve been saying for over two decades that a revolution is coming – and I didn’t mean the one we have here. I mean a bloody one. A revolution where my fellow Americans finally reach the melting point, when former and currently active military join together to take the country back by force. Where the common citizen is finally asked, “Will you take up arms to regain your rights?”

    Now I see differently. In the past months I have been given an entirely different outlook on the future. I see my fellow citizens, people with or without military backgrounds or affiliations to compel them to do so, joining the ranks of this freedom revolution.

    As a person with a military background, if I look at this logistically there is no way to beat it. Armies need commanders, soldiers need orders, and troops need training and supplies. But more importantly, in a time of conflict, those soldiers need a target to hit.

    This revolution has to be the worst fear of anyone who would think to oppose it. It has no ‘leaders’. It has no tactical disadvantages to exploit. You can’t point a gun at an idea. You can’t put crosshairs on principles.

    Some may argue that Ron Paul is the ‘leader’. I disagree, and I think he would too. Ron is simply the public voice of the millions who are on this massive and ever-growing freight train.

    If Ron were to step aside, for any reason, someone else would undoubtedly take the podium in his stead… but here’s the best part – no one ‘has’ to do that. This revolution can continue gaining momentum and influence, members and followers, attention and coverage without a ‘voice’ to do it with.

    I’m reminded of the masked faces in ‘V’, standing together outside parliament (ok, it’s a movie, but it fits here). None of those people spoke a single word. They had no faces. They had no speeches. They had no ‘disobedient nature’ about them at all. Yet anyone who watched that movie knew exactly what they were saying – and could almost feel the influence of that group in the air.

    Yes, that was fictional, but the ‘feeling’ provided by that scene is the same thing I get when I work toward the same goals that all of you are working toward – freedom and liberty the way it SHOULD be.

    You cannot put a gag on the truth. You can try, and if those attempting to spread that truth are few, you may succeed. But when you’ve got millions already, and numbers growing by the tens of thousands on a continual basis, it is no longer possible.

    An author once wrote; “There is no such thing as art, because art is mankind’s attempt at holding a mirror up to either nature or imagination – and there isn’t a mirror big enough to do that”. In that same context – there is no ‘gag’ big enough.

    The mirror, in our case, is the shroud of doubt that the powers that be, mainstream media and naysayers would try to cover us with.
    It is the veil of propaganda and disregard that is draped across the televisions, newspapers, magazines and airwaves of the world, used to keep the population from hearing the message.

    But the message is quickly becoming too vast, too loud, too obvious and too thought provoking for these would-be oppressors to contain any longer. The power of the truth, the power of right, and the power of true patriotism are far greater than any amount of money, bandwidth, propaganda or wool pulled over the eyes of those who could see.

    This revolution has gone from being considered a ‘side show of weirdoes’, to an ‘internet following’, to a ‘group of citizens’, to a ‘nationwide freedom revolution’ in a shorter time than I think even those who stand in opposition to it ever dreamed. It has demonstrated the will, ambition, determination, spirit, and unwavering loyalty that many politicians and corporations could only dream of obtaining from those who would ‘follow’ them.

    Normally, when a faceless, headless, runaway stampede of ever-expanding revenues and participants takes place – it is usually something the government came up with that is about to cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Those that are trying to gain access to the whip handles which could control us all have never seen anything like this before, and they are unsure of how to stop it.

    They use their own ‘tried and true’ methods, such as media blackouts and (potentially) election fraud – but now there are too many eyes and ears watching them… waiting for the slightest hint of impropriety… ready to stand right next to the perpetrators and yell, ‘Caught Ya!’ when they attempt the subversive.

    These warmongering, greedy, power hungry maniacs have never had to deal with the scrutiny that is being placed on their every move in such a public arena. They are unprepared, and they are scared. So scared, that they have already slipped up during this election year. They have managed to ‘cover their rears’ with the mainstream thus far…’accident’, ‘human error’, ‘oops’. But they don’t have any other methods than those they already use – so they will be forced to use them again, and they will.

    When they do – this revolution will be right there to catch them. The ‘oops’ defense can only work so many times before it is no longer believed by even those who currently ‘believe whatever MSM tells them’. Every time they slip up, the revolution gains more momentum, increases its numbers, and thereby increases its ability to cover these subversive acts.

    Eventually we will reach the tipping point… and I think that will be sooner than later. Already this movement has grown by leaps and bounds. When it first started new patriots joined every month… then every week… then every day… and as those numbers grew, so did the coverage from within, so that this freedom revolution grows every hour, potentially every minute. Not much longer and it will be growing at the rate of ‘every second’.

    This snowball cannot be stopped. I’m sure there are think tanks out there right now trying to devise a way to thwart our efforts – and every time they emerge from their meetings with new plans to present to their ‘masters’, they are met with the phrase “Go back and try again, it’s even bigger than before”.

    That is the power of freedom. That is the natural outcome when real liberty is at stake. It takes a while to get started, but once it does it is that freight train that keeps being brought up – you can’t stop it. The only thing that can stop that train is the train itself. It either puts on the brakes, shuts off the fuel, or steers itself into a wall.

    THIS train has no one manning the brake lever, because it has no brakes.
    THIS train has no one watching the fuel gauge, because it runs on principle – not energy.
    THIS train has no one steering it, because there is only one path to freedom – and that doesn’t need a track to run on.

    To my fellow revolutionary warriors – I salute you, and look forward to the great and prosperous future we are about to embark on. I look forward to taking the ultimate voyage with you all – the voyage of liberty, freedom and returning Constitutional rights to all who live in this country!


    Comment by TruthDefender | February 12, 2008 | Reply

  4. TruthDefender,

    That is a great piece. This: “You cannot put a gag on the truth. You can try, and if those attempting to spread that truth are few, you may succeed. But when you’ve got millions already, and numbers growing by the tens of thousands on a continual basis, it is no longer possible.” reminds me of previous post at The Ice Blog titled: Free Speech Officially Eliminated.

    They will “try” to put a gag on the movement to reverse the course of the nation and take us back to its founding principles. But I believe that because of legislation such as H.R. 1955 the revolution will become bloody as people will be forced to physically defend themselves against the force used upon them.

    The only question that remains is: “Will Freedom Win?”


    Comment by Ice | February 12, 2008 | Reply

  5. I like your blog here Ice. I love anything Ron Paul. It’s great to see so many supporters out there.

    Comment by frankfortpostroll | February 14, 2008 | Reply

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