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What Changed?

Following this Primary Campaign has opened the eyes of a great many Americans to problems that range from Media Bias to Vote Fraud and has brought people to question the foundation of law this nation is built upon.

Ron Paul has clearly stated, several times, that he is running on a foreign policy platform that George Bush ran on during the 2000 campaign.  The Presidents election can be attributed, in part, to this position.  Only now we hear that “things have changed” because of 9/11.  Actually, 9/11 happened because foreign policy didn’t change.  After watching the video below you may wonder if 9/11 would have happened had President Bush lived up to his stated position instead of continuing on the course of intervention.  You may also want to ask yourself how it is that in one campaign a candidate can be elected on this foreign policy position and in another campaign a candidate is labeled a “kook” or “space cadet” for standing on the very same position.

Hear President Bush make the same statements that Ron Paul is currently making regarding Foreign Policy and realize that this was the reason for his election to Office of the President.   The Media does not hide its disdain for this position when put forth by Ron Paul but had no problem accepting it when put forth by Bush.  Why even bother turning on the T.V.??


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