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McCain, Huckabee, Ron Paul – Whose Lips Are YOU Reading On Taxes?

Did you hear what McCain said on ABC this week? “No New Taxes.” Sound familiar?John McCain - Not Fit for Office

In an amazing coincidence, the day after George “No New Taxes” Bush endorsed him, John McCain made a hauntingly familiar promise to try and persuade you to vote for him.Read my lips - No new taxes!

Of course, if you’ve been around the block, you’ll remember how seriously “Daddy Bush” took his own “Read my lips! No new taxes!” promise. He reneged on it during his first term as president, more than likely why he had no second term.

Will John McCain do the same and flip-flop again? Considering his record, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out:

  • McCain voted twice against Bush tax cuts, but now presents himself as anti-tax
  • McCain authored an amnesty bill for illegal aliens, but now claims to be for strong borders
  • McCain gave us the McCain-Feingold bill restricting free speech

Mike Huckabee, one of the other two remaining Republican “front runners,” would likely be even worse. As governor of Arkansas, he raised taxes substantially, and now pushes the so-called “Fair Tax“… a misnamed taxation disaster second only to the present perverted IRS nightmare.

On the other hand, there is still a Republican presidential candidate with this sterling record:Ron PaulRon Paul for President!

Why don’t you hear about Ron Paul on the news? Why, when you do, is he called “unelectable,” “quirky,” and every other name in the book? Because the news is almost entirely owned by the military and industrial corporations with a stake in continuing global warfare and spending billions on military efforts around the world.

Both McCain and Huckabee are fair-haired Council on Foreign Relations favorites, both shamelessly pushed and promoted by a major media intent on continuing the global warfare / welfare state. And so you can be sure that ALL their posturing on taxes is nothing more than deceptively pandering window-dressing.

It’s time to look past the superficial sound-bites, ignore the “front runner” posing about trivially meaningless “changes” and phony “tax cuts.” Read! Study! Think for yourself, America! Choose Ron Paul for a real change and put the US back on track to real prosperity!

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– Permission to copy with attribution granted.


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