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Media Control of Elections

Reading the article at NolanChart quoted below one point stood out: The Media has control over what you see and hear and does mislead the American people instead of reporting facts fairly and accurately.  Let’s call it what it is: “Media Terrorism”.

The CNN audience for the GOP candidates debate on Nov 29, 2007 would have been well below 200 million but was certainly a more representative sample than those so prominent in MSM reports. While perhaps more biased than the prominent MSM polls, the audience polled after the CNN debate were also far better informed. Most of the audience did not participate in CNN’s poll and the questions asked were not of voting intentions. There were several questions, the most relevant to voting intentions was: Who do you think won the debate? It was answered by 30,385 viewers and there were eight candidates to choose from. The relevant results are:

  • Ron Paul 14,949 [49%]
  • John McCain 3237 [10%]

For indirect polling results lets look at those for ‘The Project for Excellence’, based on surveys described here. Since mid January the Index has published a table on ‘Media Exposure by Candidate’ with two classifications: ‘Main Newsmaker’ and ‘Significant Presence’. Over the nine weeks until March 16, Ron Paul was mentioned in 14 of 4251 articles [in which candidates were mentioned]. Of his seven mentions as ‘Main Newsmaker’, six were on Ron Paul’s announcement as the “winding down” of his campaign. He got zero mentions in the week before ‘Super Tuesday’ while John McCain got 223 of 597 mentions. That week’s commentary on the survey is headlined ‘McCain Wins the Coverage Battle as Media Move to Anoint Him’.

See the rest of the article HERE


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