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St. Louis: “Paulites” Take Over GOP Caucuses

Caucuses in Missouri, held only in presidential election years, are typically low-key affairs attended mainly by party diehards. But this year, the pro-Paul activists commandeered gatherings in the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City and Springfield. Paul supporters also controlled caucuses in at least a half dozen rural counties. (

The Revolution is about taking the GOP, and America, back to its roots. These “grass roots” revolutionaries are labeled “Paulites” attempting to advance a slur against the Congressman’s good name and their efforts. However, these activists are genuine conservatives that are fed up with the status quo and demand the GOP behave as true conservative Republicans not only in speech but also by deeds in direct opposition to the “neocon” elitists or imitating the socialistic platform of Democrats.

This coming GOP Convention will be filled with surprises the Main Stream Media will attempt to sweep under the rug or brush off as meaningless. But we know better … as all Americans do.

Articles: Ron Paul backers succeed in guerilla takeover of some GOP caucuses

St. Charles Journal: Ron Paul supporters take control of Republican caucus Ron Paul’s Missouri supporters take charge of weekend county caucuses


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