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Washington, You’re Fired!!

For more information on how the USA PATRIOT ACT, the Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Act have crippled the U.S. Constitution and weakened the liberties that Americans once thought they could never lose, you must see this movie! The loss of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus, coupled with a new definition of “torture” are just the tip of the Orwellian iceberg. HR 1955 for the first time put “thought crime” laws on the books, robbing citizens of their right to freedom of conscience thought.

Jane Harmon, (D-Ca) introduced HR 1955, “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” This legislation is directed at “Homegrown Terrorism” and eliminates Free Speech and Thought. See my earlier post regarding this Act here and GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s remarks on this Act here.

By introducing this legislation Rep. Harmon has willingly defied and violated her Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, subjecting her constituents to the loss of their fundamental right of Free Speech and Thought. Rep. Harmon should be recalled based on the introduction of this Act which is contrary to the will of the People that elected her to office.

And where is the Mainstream Media on this issue? They are silent, as usual.

Please visit: Washington, You’re Fired!


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