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With the knowledge that the Mainstream Media is bought and paid for by governmental and corporate interests and only reporting “approved” news instead of FACTS, we are left with the option of seeking out alternative news sources. The Readers of The Ice Blog may have noted that the Links list is growing with the addition of links to alternative media.

Allow me to focus on 2 of those links.

The first is “Free Speech TV.” FSTV is currently televising a donation drive and has been televising some of the absolute best information you will find anywhere. All of those DVD’s you’ve been wanting your friends and family to view are now being broadcast at FSTV. “America: Freedom to Fascism”, “Washington, You’re Fired” and “911 Press for Truth” are just a few of the titles.

Also visit “Link TV“. Link TV televises similar programming. Just this morning I watched “911 Press for Truth” at Link TV.

FSTV is located at channel 9415 and LinkTV is located at channel 9410.

I encourage you to visit these channels and recommend them to your friends and family.


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