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Three States Subjected To “Martial Law Sweeps”

Local, state police and sheriff’s office join feds for “terror” sweeps that result in hundreds of citations for traffic violations.

WREG Memphis news channel 3 reported that the Sheriff’s Department arrested 332 people, 142 of whom were fugitives, or “terrorists” as they now seem to be known.

Hundreds of dollars were seized and drugs recovered, and 1,292 traffic violations were handed out to speeding terrorists and illegally parked terrorists.

See the entire article here.

That’s right folks. It is already happening. They are demonstrating to all Americans that there is no protection under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You no longer have any rights except that which the government allows you to have. They are ready to impose martial law and bring all “terrorists” to their brand of “justice”.

What are you going to do about it?

All of this could have been stopped in its track with a vote for Ron Paul. It is a shame that so many people have bought into the lie that if they don’t vote “Republican” or “Democrat” they are wasting their vote. THIS IS NOT A TWO (2) PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM!! Make your vote really count. Vote for Freedom instead of voting with a single issue in mind.


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