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Paul declines to endorse McCain

Paul Declines to endorse McCain …

I’d like to know his reasons for not endorsing any candidate.

The way I see it: Why should anyone endorse any candidate?

It is up to The People to verify the facts about each candidate (check their position on any given issue, etc.) and make this decision based on their personal preference. Just because so-and-so is endorsing whatshisname is not reason enough to cast a vote.

We can all point out the merits of any particular candidate and support that candidate to the fullest extent (by canvassing or whatever).

But if The People were really interested in TRUE participation within the political process they would do their own extensive research of the candidates instead of relying on what information they can garner from the Media or candidate supporters.

Ron Paul cured the apathy of many Americans. I’m sure that many of them feel quite frustrated with RP out of the race. But many have not given up the fight. There are still some very dedicated (new) Republicans making change within that party. They have become very involved. They may not vote republican – but that isn’t stopping them from continuing their struggle for real change in the party.

Some, including myself, are concerned that so many have jumped on the Obama bandwagon reasoning that this will bring an end to the war in Iraq and actually bring about a desired change in the political landscape. This is not going to happen. A vote for either of the major party candidates will not stop the war, it will not stop the erosion of our freedom and it will not effect any sort of real change in the political landscape. It will only insure the continuation of the ‘status quo’.

It will be the same old song and dance for another 4 years if either a Dem or Rep is voted into the white house. And forward we will march into the globalists dream of One World government and the subjugation (defeat, overthrow, conquest or suppression) of the masses.


September 17, 2008 - Posted by | Constitution, End of America, Freedom & Liberty, Media, Politics, Ron Paul

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