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New Financial World Order

Back on 11/18/08 I posted this prediction at in the thread “The Looming Collapse of the Dollar”:

This coming depression will be relieved by going to a “world currency” that is nothing more than electronic digits. This will happen at first by stealth during the first year of the new administration.

Keep Your Eyes Open.

Looking back over the last few weeks I remind myself that the NWO proponents did not wait to come out of the closet to voice their ideas for a New World Financial Order as a solution for the economic crisis which has gripped not only the U.S. but the world economies.

Here are but a few of the articles from only one website ( that surfaced to support my earlier conclusion:

Misdirected Bailout Rage Sets Pretext for New Financial World Order

G7 Sets Sights on New World Economic Order

Gordon Brown Calls on New World Order to Beat Recession

Yes, they will stop at nothing to put their New World Order into place and they will use every means possible to do so.

It should also be noted that the virtual halt to shipping, as noted in the BDI, may also be a part of that plan.  Watch the shelves at your local stores as they become bare and purchasing necessities becomes more difficult.

This is an insidious plan in the works. It is designed to instigate rebellion amongst the people in order to have reason to use force with which to remove “undesirables” – those that voice dissent.

Spread the word and advise all to be prepared so that we may keep a cool head and give them no excuse for violence.


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