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Is There More To This Story Than We Know?

A cop, angry that a reporter would not acknowledge the “power” he believes he has, arrested said reporter and cameraman during an incident of a rolled over truck.  What I found interesting is that the reporter mentions that “military personnel” were on the scene and may have performed the heroic deed of getting the driver to safety.

Was that really the case?  Maybe those military personnel were escorting the truck and maybe it was their job to protect him and the contents of that truck?  Maybe this has something to do with the possible missing virus samples at Fort Detrick and the recent reports of viruses being shipped across the country? Is it possible that the even the cop knew that this was one incident that shouldn’t be reported on the nightly news?

Maybe. Watch the video of the incident and remember all of the information pertaining to the possible preparation of a false flag operation and come to your own conclusions.


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  1. […] It may very well be. It sure does make one wonder… doesn’t it? Oh, yeah…. you might want to know what I’m talking about. __________________ The Ice Blog Alcohol Can Be A Gas! Protect Your Assets IT IS NO MEASURE OF […]

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  2. Hey Ice, Very good observation. I remember picking up on the military presence When i posted on this, but I didnt make the connection with the missing viruses. It sure does make me wonder? Somethings going on and it cant be good. Things are happening at such an accelerated rate it can make some dizzy at times, good job keeping it together.

    Comment by todayperhaps | April 24, 2009 | Reply

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