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Banning is Personal

I’ve been notified by several people that the ban I spoke of in my previous post here has demonstrated a severe personal aspect … having nothing to do with violations of forum rules.

It has been pointed out that many of the members that have been previously banned have retained their profile pics intact.  But this is not the case with mine.  If you look at any of my posts, the ones that still remain that is, you will see a totally different pic.  One that states: Banned and has Loser underneath that.

Oh yeah, this was personal.  Your friend, mrg, did not like Ice having the upper hand… which Ice did. And this is his own special way of “getting even.” He can only do this sort of thing now that I am not there to defend against his attacks. You will all note that any of you that speaks up about this will definitely be on the chopping block and will suffer attacks at the hands of mrg, the moderator, until he can push you into some sort of violation that will allow him to ban you.

Please note that my recent postings at that forum have been deleted.  Please note the personal aspect and the venom displayed by the actions of mrg, your moderator.  Yeah, you know, the guy that wouldn’t give Ice a chance to respond to any of his recent posts and not any chance at all to PM the site Admin (as mrg suggested).

It’s amazing.  This is one of those “I told ya so” moments.  And I would like to offer my sympathies to all of those that remain at that site… even though there are far better forums to participate in.  My sympathy to all of those that will be subjected to such “personal” attacks by the likes of the moderators and other jerks that frequent that site.

Remember my warning: Don’t attempt to defend yourself.  You will be banned and your attacker will go on to remain a “valued member”.  And if you notice and post anything contradictory or unfair about any of the mod’s or the Admin… you can bet your sweet bippy that you will be BANNED. And that is the only thing that you can count on at that forum.

There is no such thing as “Free Speech” at that forum… unless you are a real special buddy of the Admin or the Moderators… and tend to bow to their insuperior brain matter at every opportunity.

ps: Some of you may want to check the comments being made to these posts. Just click on “Comments” to see them


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  1. Ice,

    I’ve got some news for mrg… if you were to sue you could also hold that site responsible and name them in the suit. They allowed GoodFriends offensive material to stand even though it was against the TOS policy. Anyone that reads the TOS would know this.

    I’m going to borrow one of your lines and say: “Isn’t it Amazing?” People that profess to know so much about the law can’t seem to grasp that they can also be held liable for their in-action when their policy/rules/guidelines calls for them to take action.

    The fact that mrg deleted your posts made in defense against the libel of GoodFriend also is a strike against them considering that they allowed GoodFriends posts to stand based on “free speech”. They allowed him “free speech” but did not allow it to you in kind.

    I also see that mrg behaves as though he has a personal vendetta. It is obvious. His changing of the icon that appears on your posts was a personal choice that he made and something that he did not do to any other member that has been banned in the past.

    I’m with you on this one, Ice. mrg is a prick and charles is a dumbass for keeping him on as a mod. Sooner or later they will trash that site just like J.W. and his pack did at TSN and LRG’s If you don’t kiss their asses you should be prepared to be banned!!

    Your Friend,
    Freakin’ Crazzzy

    Comment by freakincrazzzy | August 31, 2009 | Reply

    • A legal action is something that I still hold an option on. You must remember that in regards the business, there are a lot of people that were damaged by the postings of GoodFriend. They were ALL accused of “criminal activity” and these people could ALL file suit naming both of the parties as you have suggested. Hell… I don’t have to lift a finger, any one of them could initiate the suit based on those facts.

      I will have to agree with the rest of your comments as well. There will come a day when that site will disappear just as others have… and for the same reasons.

      Remember, there are people at the wheel and they guide that site according to their own preferences regardless of any rules or guidelines that they have laid out for the members. People are fallible. They have a tendency to fall to their own desires regardless of any rules, guidelines or laws… or fairness. People do not like to be criticized or be told they are in error. When this happens, they lash back – as they have done with me in this instance. They were wrong, they know they were wrong and they couldn’t take the heat.

      mrg was wrong also. Please note how he went after “reenie” for using the terms “they” and “them”. He then used “they” in the same context as she did in another thread. I posted a response to that which simply stated: “They?” and added the quote from his earlier post. He made a feeble attempt to brush it off but he got the message (and so did everyone else).

      I’m beginning to think that mrg is there with the sole purpose of starting up trouble. Look out, reenie!! He may have his sights set on you!!

      In any event, thanks for your support Freakin’. I ‘preciate it.


      Comment by Ice | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. Say, did anyone else notice that mrg did not specifically point out the “ad hominem attack” he accused me of? Has anyone else noticed that mrg is guilty of this himself? Has anyone else noticed how mrg designs his posts to tick people off and “stir the pot”?

    Why is it that mrg can do those things but other members cannot? Is he somehow “special” and immune from retribution?

    Sure he is.

    I guess I am being accused of “causing a ruckus”. Gee… all I did was respond to mrg’s post … which was inflammatory.

    And please note that the “evidence” of this entire debacle has been “deleted”. This was done by mrg to protect himself and the forum so that others could not see how they double deal and will take swift action against any member that gets the “upper hand” in any discussion with them or how they will take action against anyone that points out their error or unfair dealings with members.

    I suppose Charles also believes that I was responsible for the ruckus that “GoodFriend” caused when “GoodFriend” made accusations of fraud and criminal activity against my business?

    For all of the excuses that we could hear from the Mod or the Admin at that site, not one of them justifies allowing that particular posting of “GoodFriend” to stand or for “GoodFriends” continued membership after posting such. But it did stand and his membership continued for weeks after.

    They were wrong, they know they were wrong and they cannot justify their actions which were in contradiction to their policy.

    And nothing will change. mrg will continue to “stir the pot” and it will go unchallenged by all. And if it ever is challenged – he will delete all evidence and ban the member that challenged him.

    Go ahead… keep your eyes open… you’ll see it again and again.

    Just watch how he will challenge someone’s use of a word or phrase and then use that same word or phrase in the same context and expect no challenge – because he is the Mod and has the power to Ban!!

    That power has gone to his head.

    Could any member post proof/evidence of mrg’s accusations against me? Can his accusations be supported?? Are his quotes of my posts complete and in context? If anyone can support mrg’s accusations – please, do so, right here at this blog within these comments.

    P.S. mrg and charles both seem to believe that, in fairness, I should have been banned right along with “GoodFriend” for that particular instance. Not so. All I did was defend myself against his attack. They just got tired of me “reporting” his assaults on my character as well as his claims that he had done “nothing” to me. So, remember this folks, if you are attacked and defend yourself – in fairness you will have to be banned along with the attacker.

    Also, why is it that mrg can “solicit” for his enterprises and no one else can?? Here is the quote: You do not have permission to: “Post, upload, email or otherwise transmit…advertising, promotional materials…or any other form of solicitation.”

    And yet… mrg solicited me by “otherwise transmitting” via personal message.

    That settles it then! mrg is “special” and does not have to abide by any of the rules. He can solicit, stir the pot, make “ad hominem” and other attacks and not fear any retribution of any kind… because he has the power to protect himself via use of “delete” and “ban”.

    Comment by Ice | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. I am sorry to see all of this activity. I am rather surprised.

    Comment by BOBT12 | September 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Isis went in and said her goodbyes. She posted what she thought would be her one last post. Several hours later she tried to sign in and found that she had been locked out. She can’t log in at all. Now remember, Isis wasn’t banned for any reason… she was just “locked out”.

      Now, why do you suppose they did that? Could it be because she is my woman? Do they think she is the only source of information that I have concerning that place? They should think again.

      But this is evidence of just how personal this is. They can behave “unfair” and “unjust” as much as they want… because they are “special” and their friends (whomever they may be from moment to moment) are “special”. They are gods of the universe (in their own minds).

      How would you like it if you tried to log in and found you were “locked out” for no reason? I’ll bet that Isis’s last post was deleted too. She only informed others that she was leaving, that I had put a password on the Ice Files and if they wanted access they should contact me for the password. Oh… she did mention something about how their was a frenzy of activity (downloading) at the Ice Files just before I was banned from the forum. And of course, you will find my stuff located in the downloads section of “the club”, which I have not uploaded any docs to.

      “Back Stabbers” is a term I heard used the other day. I hadn’t heard that in a long time. Just watch yourself. Ya never know who that ass is going to go after next.

      But honestly, surprised? This stuff happens at all the forums that carry the handle “sui juris”… after all… they are run by “People” – very screwed up people at that. I wouldn’t doubt it if they are reading your private messages. So be careful what you say about who and where you say it. And know that this is only the beginning of its end – just as all the others that came before it and behaved in this manner.

      Comment by Ice | September 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. Ice, it is my opinion that there is a bit of jealousy on the part of some of the members over there. I believe they are a bit envious of you. At the very least, you have been noticed by others, such as “Alex Jones” and “Urban Survival” (and others that I hesitate to mention). I don’t see any evidence that any of those people have been noticed by anyone except the Quatloos forum members.

    You are a good man and a good friend. Thanks for being there.

    BTW: Great job on the tokens!

    Comment by Freakin' Crazzzy | September 4, 2009 | Reply

    • I don’t know … maybe … it is in the realm of possibilities because we are dealing with fallible people. We may be a wonderful creation but there are some flaws we have that we are sometimes blind to ourselves. I’ve been accused of having a huge ego. And that is not really the case… but I don’t need to tell you that. You know me and you know the truth of these things.

      And Thanks. The tokens took a bit of time to put together. But they came out okay. I really wanted to stamp them with some sort of ink stamper but I could not locate a stamper of the proper size for the job. That’s why I used the parchment paper. Hey… they work!

      Comment by Ice | September 4, 2009 | Reply

  5. Good morning, Ice.

    This message is from the King of Oblivion. Until yesterday afternoon I had no idea you had been banned. Thank you to Livefire for posting a link to your blog. I have just read some of yours and other comments about the situation. It is apparent to me I will have to spend more time over here now.

    You mention other forums that are more valuable than the one from which you were banned. Would you please be good enough to identify them. I would like to belong to discussion groups that are fair and open.

    I have had minor run-ins with mrg. Of course, employing my inimitable style I have had intellectual run-ins with several members. I make no bones about my position the remedy is in the law. That to employ the remedy requires much work. I ask difficult questions of those I think are not using their brainpower properly or usefully.

    Any forum that bans you is much the less for it.

    Joseph Sugarman,

    Comment by joseph sugarman | September 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      I agree. The hammer is in the law. I’ve said this repeatedly. And, yes, it does require much work.

      Have you ever noticed that sometimes a simple question can cause bewilderment and confusion?

      Did you note that Isis has been locked out of the forum? She wasn’t banned… but she definitely is denied access. Imagine that! She was locked out simply because we share an intimate relationship!! How does that fit in with their “free speech” philosophy? Ohh… wait… I think I got it now. She wasn’t making accusations of “fraud” or “criminal” activity against me (which is considered “free speech” by the Admin and Mods there). Since she supports me – that doesn’t qualify under “free speech.” Their logic is simply amazing… they are gods in their own minds!

      As for other forums … here are a couple:

      Gold Is Money
      Deadline Live (Jack Blood Forum)

      I don’t have much time to spend in forums and when I did have time, it has proven, I wasted it in the wrong place.
      I don’t have much time to spend in my own blog!! But I am hoping to add some items to The Ice Files in the next couple of days and maybe even have some time to post a few articles. There is a lot that I could have related in the last few weeks but have not had much time available to me. Getting through my emails is a task in itself… and a guy has got to work to keep food on the table. I’m sure you know the feeling.

      Thanks for dropping in… you now know how to get in touch with me.


      Comment by Ice | September 9, 2009 | Reply

  6. My last comment above was updated to remove a link to SHTF Militia because it is also another BS forum that makes up rules as they go along. I will not support or in any way recommend hypocritical forums to my readers… which are many. Avoid the SHTF Forum and you will be saving yourself from the same ol’ song and dance that we have been subjected to by the likes of mrg and the suijuris copy cats.

    Comment by Ice | September 19, 2010 | Reply

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