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Bloggers Beware!!

Yes… that’s right folks. You cannot trust anything that you see on  Allow me to ‘splain.

Going through the “comments” at The Ice Blog you will not find what they claim is posted by “Charles Labianco” on this page.  The comment you will find at that page is followed by what appears to be a comment of my own thanking charles for his comment.  The problem is that my comment had nothing to do with the outrageous comment found on and the comment posted at does not appear anywhere on The Ice Blog.

You will definitely find a comment on this site (on The Ice Files page) by Charles Labianco which states:

I am truly impressed with much of your information.
It will be part of my arsenal toward fighting the untruth
and corruption in our non-constitutional system of laws and economics.

And my response to his post is:

Thanks, Charles.

There is more that I could post if time and energy were available to me. Check in now and then … to check for additional postings. has made it appear that my blog is into some really weird stuff and that is far from the truth. I have removed the password to “The Ice Files” page so that all may view the comments made there.

I challenge anyone to find that comment that claims appear on my blog.

You won’t find it because it isn’t here and I would never allow such to appear on The Ice Blog.


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  1. To see the actual comment I made click on “Original” underneath my comment posted at That link will take you to the actual comment and you can see for yourself that my “thanks” has nothing to do with the comment they have posted and claim appears on my blog.

    Comment by Ice | September 20, 2009 | Reply

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