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“The New ‘Twilight Zone’ — Obama Declares Swine Flu Emergency”

The shocking truth about why Obama announced a National Public Health Emergency in the US this weekend.

President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency on Friday October 23, empowering the health secretary to suspend federal requirements and speed up treatment.

His declaration authorizes Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to bypass normal federal regulations so health officials can respond more quickly to the outbreak, which, allegedly, has killed more than 1,000 people in the United States.

“As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic,” Obama wrote in the declaration, which the White House announced Saturday.

He said the pandemic keeps evolving, the rates of illness are rising rapidly in many areas and there’s a potential “to overburden health care resources.”

Because of vaccine production delays, the government has backed off initial estimates that 120 million doses would be available by mid-October. As of mid-October, only 11 million doses had been shipped to health departments, doctor’s offices and other providers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said.

The government now estimates to have about 50 million doses of swine flu vaccine out by mid-November and 150 million in December.

Read the remainder of this article here, which includes a link to the declaration in its entirety and a CBS news graphic showing actual percentages of H1N1 cases which discredits the outright deception that appears to be designed to panic American people into believing that H1N1 influenza is more serious and widespread than it is.

My readers will remember an earlier comment of mine in which I stated that over 50% of American mothers did not want their children to receive the swine flu vaccination.  The above video and information at the link provided demonstrate this obvious truth and the WHY of it.

Thankfully, there are more and more Americans doing the research instead of taking the media or governments word for anything.

It appears to me that the government is taking another step towards martial law. See this article by Greg Eversen at NewsWithViews in which he details some of what will occur, including electronic tagging and enforcement. Here is the first 2 paragraphs of that article:

As most of you are already aware, I broke a story seven months ago in which I described a discussion I had with a friend in the health care profession at a major mid-western hospital. This person told me about the delivery of stainless steel wrist band type bracelets that carried the hardware for uploading, tracking and broadcasting uniquely personal encoded information. These bands were to be used in the event of massive inoculations or other disaster events in which large numbers of people would be vaccinated and then tracked. I also stated that plans for roadblock enforcement of these issued bands was a component of emergency planning already on the federal and state police shelves, for use when those state or federal agencies called for blockades on the movement of people. I further mentioned that the “bracelets” would be encoded on the spot with tools similar to those used by UPS when packages are delivered and scanned by the driver.

I would not release my source for fear of severe retaliation being waged against this individual for obvious reasons. On September 15th, we were contacted by a friend who said check out the Boston Globe article that has validated every shred of information that I gave earlier this year. The company that is at the forefront of supplying the City of Boston’s Health Services Department with this very device is EMSystems of Milwaukee, Wi.


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  1. There is a lot of information in the media about swine flu. To the point of overwhelming. Although not expressly untrue, many facts are lacking and worst of all, the information is presented grossly out of context. Presenting facts selectively, and using a loaded message to produce an emotional rather than rational response spells propaganda.

    Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, chairman of the German Medical Association’s drug commission, stated: “The health authorities have succumbed to a campaign by the pharma companies, which simply want to earn money from a supposed threat.”

    While Mr Obama seems to think that emergency rules will make it easier to handle anticipated surge in patients. Yes, after all that fear mongering, people are lining up for the jab. As a result, the swine flu panic is sweeping the world.

    Unfortunately, the biggest casualty of this corporate driven, politically supported, media-manufactured hysteria is – common sense.


    Comment by Lilyana | October 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you.
      I appreciate your comment with the additional information for my readers.

      Comment by Ice | October 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. I am a Veteran, I have received many emails concerning the Obama issue. I don’t agree with any of the Obama bull pucky, my question is where do I sign up at? All I hear is Muslim this and and that and not enough of OUR God and our country. I have heard it all and no, we don’t stand a chinamans chance in hell of voting these politicians out of office because the ones replacing them are the same grade of people that’s there now. So now, where do we go? We need to do something NOW!!! And like I said, where do I sign up at? I would like very much to do something but just like Viet Nam, we knew what we were doing was all political, and by the way, it still is.

    Comment by Allen Metts | November 10, 2009 | Reply

    • There are good people running for office… they are not running as Republicans or Democrats. Look at the other parties, their candidates and their platform.

      Comment by Ice | November 10, 2009 | Reply

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