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Had Enough?

by Rob Natelson

If there were any doubt that our constitutional protection has been lost, that doubt should be removed by the congressional vote subjecting the personal health care decisions of every American to central governmental authority.

By an extremely narrow majority, the House of Representatives has crammed a profoundly unpopular and unconstitutional measure down the throats of the American public: And not only unpopular and unconstitutional, but expensive enough to virtually ensure our nation’s eventual bankruptcy.

Unless it is overturned, nationalized health care will complete the process of changing the Founders’ system of a government dependent on the people to one where the people are dependent on the government. Citizens will be thoughly re-molded into subjects.

The unseemly legislative conduct (the Founders would have called it “corruption”) leading up to the vote have communicated even to those previously not paying attention that federal politicians are now absolutely, utterly out of control. The majority in Congress has rendered it perfectly clear that there is no constitutional or legal restriction they will not violate.

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  1. I enjoyed your small writing. The Founders would be proud of us as American citizens.

    They would be proud of us cause we demonstrated in the streets (9/12 March in D.C.)peacefully, wrote our representatives, sent letters/e-mails & make telephone calls & wrote numerous comments on blogs, but where did it get any of us? Our government has become a tyranny.

    There is a new book just out that is a great read for 2010 & what is happening to our blessed country. I recommend it cause it shows that we are following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers even if it is to give up our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.’

    Comment by CTCT05 | March 27, 2010 | Reply

    • I updated your comment: made the link to the book.

      What our founding fathers would be proud of is the fact that the States are beginning to realize they do have the power to keep the federal government in check. The people of the various states have been doing much more than calling their reps in D.C. They have been working tirelessly at the State level to enact legislation that nullifies the unconstitutional bills emitting from D.C. We all need to work at the local level to insure the “public servants” remain true to their oath and the will of the people.

      Anyone that wants to get involved only need look to the links under “America Acts”. I strongly recommend The Tenth Amendment Center, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, GOOOH, Sheriff Mack and Oath Keepers for a start.

      And keep spreading the word! There are millions more that need to awaken to the reality around them. They can learn from videos such as The Fall of The Republic and End Game. Sometimes the truth proves difficult for some to believe but we can help them by having facts ready at hand to answer their objections to the information provided in these movies and others like them. Washington, You’re Fired! or Freedom to Fascism (and here) are probably the best First choices if video is the option of choice. These two movies are filled with factual information.

      As I think upon the affairs of late and the attitude demonstrated by those in D.C., I fear that there will be reprisal against those states that stand firmly upon the foundation of the Constitution and we will see civil war. I will stand with those states that stand with Freedom. We all need to make a choice.

      Remember to read the articles I’ve linked to in my latest posts. It is worth the time.

      Comment by Ice | March 27, 2010 | Reply

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