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Tea party win embarrasses GOP establishment

In an earlier article (Fight the Good Fight) I commented on those that have “opted out” and reject participating in “the system.” Here’s a bit more, just for them.

I know the political landscape is a bit confusing at present. A lot of misinformation is floating around about the candidates. The GOP is attempting to put new faces in under the guise of being “tea party” approved. People are doing the research, discerning the truth and discovering the fakes the GOP is attempting to trick them with.

Even with all the deception taking place in the primary season, there is still a great change taking place.  Both Houses will undergo change. We may yet see the “old guard” pushed out of the way by true defenders of Freedom.

Wonder what those folks “hoping” to “apply pressure” when their “numbers swell” have accomplished thus far?  According to THIS article, (quotes below), those of us taking to the work have scored another victory.

Something to specifically note is that the candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin was not the choice of the (true) “Tea Party”.

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – Chalk up another win for the tea party. And another embarrassment for the Republican establishment.

Tea Party favorite and two-term state lawmaker Raul Labrador defeated Vaughn Ward, a Marine reservist heavily recruited by national Republicans, in Idaho’s primary on Tuesday. Ward’s loss comes on the heels of several other races in which GOP establishment candidates stumbled as the anti-Washington mood takes hold.

National Republicans had coached Ward and had made him one of their first named recruits, known as “Young Guns.” He also had the backing of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

On Wednesday, the GOP wasn’t talking about Ward.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Raul Labrador and are focused on the election in November,” said Paul Lindsay, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

And one more quick quote from the article:

In several House races, establishment-backed Republicans have faltered.

Read the rest of the article which includes updates on other races.

Question: Are you a part of this history or one of those sitting on the sidelines waiting for your numbers to swell so that you can “apply pressure”   (whatever that means)??

Thanks to Peter for the link to this video… Please watch before it is removed:


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