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I have some thoughts on Repentance that I would like to share. You may not agree and I would like to hear your perspective on the questions I am about to pose. There is a lot of information to go through but I am going to keep this short and would rather go into more detail through discussion in the comments section. Let us reason together and verify through the Word the things we discuss.

We all know that Sin is the breaking of the law. What law? Obviously, the Torah. What is the Torah? Isn’t the Torah the Vows of the Covenant? Who were the parties in the Covenant? YHVH and Abraham and his descendants, right?

Now the question is this: How can one “repent” if one was NOT in the covenant and did not break the covenant vows? It isn’t possible.

As I see it, one must be a party to the covenant and have broken the vow of that covenant in order to even be eligible for “repentance.”  So how is it that so many preachers are out there calling for “repentance” to people that were never a party to the covenant in the first place?  Does that make sense?

It is my belief that the world has turned things around. The preachers should be calling for people to be “grafted in” to Israel – to come into covenant with YHVH and calling for Repentance from those that WERE in Covenant and have fallen away.

Didn’t Messiah say that He had come for His “lost sheep?” Was not Israel divided after the death of King Solomon and were not the 10 northern tribes dispersed among the Gentiles? Isn’t it true that the 10 “lost tribes” were dispersed because of their “sin?” Did they not “break covenant?” Are they not then eligible for “repentance?”

Those that were not a part of the covenant are not excluded from coming into covenant. This is obvious throughout the Word.

What I have said here can be compared to the language of the Word when it speaks of Messiah and His “bride” as well as the language of Covenant. And both perspectives demonstrate the purpose for the death of Messiah. And these things can also be discussed in the comments section. For now though, the questions posed are sufficient to begin the discussion.




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