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The “Nibiru” or “Planet X” Story as told in the Sumerian Tablets

I’ve been reading the Sumerian tablets and I’ve got a question to pose. The tablets state that the volcanoes on Nibiru were not belching thus thinning the atmosphere and causing calamity. The only way to repair it is to get gold. So they come to earth and mine gold to take back to Nibiru. And as cosmological cycles go: Earth is disrupted by Nibiru’s passing. Hell, even our own moon can cause earthquakes and such on our planet. Earthquakes can cause volcanic activity. In all the “prophecies” people are making regarding Nibiru’s passing they speak of the Earth being “tossed to and fro,” earthquakes, volcanic activity and such.

Here is the problem: BOTH celestial bodies are affected in these ways. Why is it that no one speaks of the affects that these two bodies passing has on Nibiru? Shouldn’t there be something going on there also? Isn’t it possible that volcanoes on Nibiru might be excited into activity? Isn’t it possible that Nibiru would experience quakes?

Yes, Nibiru is larger than Earth. So what? BOTH celestial bodies would still be affected by their passing. And wouldn’t Nibiru be affected just by passing our sun? Isn’t it possible THAT would cause quakes and volcanic activity?

As for now, I am not buying into that story at all. I’m beginning to believe it is just a bunch of rubbish. It’s beginning to sound like what was really discovered was probably the very first Sci-Fi book ever written.

I’m not saying there isn’t a celestial body heading our way. I’m just doubting the story as told in the Sumerian Tablets. I’m sure that in passing other celestial bodies, such as our Sun and Earth, Nibiru would experience quakes which in turn would excite Nibiru’s volcanoes to belch and fill the atmosphere with it’s protective coating once more.

Any thoughts on this?


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  1. well played.

    Comment by Michael | December 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. My thought is… What difference does it make? Why does it matter if there were volcanoes and quakes going off on nibiru? What’s your point? I’ve believe nibiru is there and passing, but I don’t think it’ll effect us very much at all. There’s still a lot to accomplish for Gods kingdom on earth before he’ll come down again. That’s why there’s no set time, it’s just whenever we’re ready. Which means all countries have an opportunity to hear Gods true gospel. They don’t have to accept, just have the opportunity. There will also be so much wickedness going on that we’ll need God to come. And don’t forget, the US constitution will be “hanging on a thread, and that thread will be Gods church”…

    Comment by Stevie | December 21, 2012 | Reply

    • The point is that if the atmosphere on Nibiru was affected because the volcanoes were NOT active then close passing to other planets would activate the volcanoes and solve their problem by activating the volcanoes. In other words, they wouldn’t need to mine gold on Earth because the problem would have been solved through the natural cycle of things. So the story, as it is told, has some huge flaws in it.

      Also, there is no where in the Scriptures that claims no one will know when Messiah will come. It only states that no one will know what day and hour THE EARTH WILL COME TO AN END. As for knowing when Messiah will come, it is stated that believers are not in darkness that they would be unprepared for His return. You can find out more about these things at:
      If you click on “Our Teachings” and scroll down you will find a pull down tab for the rest of the “End of Days” series. The above link is only the first video of the series.

      Comment by Ice | December 21, 2012 | Reply

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