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Ancient Aliens Debunked

It’s amazing that people will go to such lengths to make money. I’m truly surprised that the History Channel continues to promote this “theory” without allowing the rebuttal to be aired. Stop falling for the lies deliberately foisted upon the uneducated masses that only serve to line the pockets of these fakes.

The following video is made free to all and there is no copyright violation if you download it.


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  1. One shouldn’t be suprised. This is our history and long gone is the day that mankind is bereft of discernment. Your referral to the massed being uneducated – yes they are and who’s to blame for that, other than religions leaders and clergymen for purporting LIES. Their are no gods, their are no angels either. If their were, then why have those (assumed as gods and angels) been selective to their assistance of humanity’s ills? Where are they now that humanity has reached poverty of about 4.5 billion on planet earth? why don’t they assist?

    It is clear that all or most scripture talk about the ancients and slavery that occurred. When scrutinized we learn that gods and angels managed the lands and most noticeably we find that it appeared to be some disagreements between those gods and angels. 

    The book of genesis, the book of Enoch, Vedas, Quran and others all seem to display this premise. Thus to a large degree these boons are somewhat true, therefore our fundamental search, towards the OBVIOUS, could point us to answers. One haunting question remains – were their Aliens visiting Earth in those days? Or we’re they actual angels with wings? education will answer that question however apathy has wrought ignorance.

    Angels and Gods who ‘actually’ came down from heaven (define heaven other than space and our galaxies) and walked amongst man? If so then why not today? 

    Clearly this is where we have to start defining the difference between aliens and gods or angels. Angels are describes with wings and basically pointing out they can fly. 
    Here’s the question, have archeological evidence been uncovered of any type of being with actual wings? We can argue that angels don’t die since dogma dictates and limits our thinking, however that’s just not the case. We can also try very hard to claim that these angels are God’s perfection –  However, lets not ignore, they simply not perfect according to Genesis and other scriptures. If one holds loyal to holy scriptures then one must be prepared to face the evidence presented and dictated in those writings. We can also deny it by claiming it speaks metaphorically – but lets not deny fact when fact exist in that book. 

    My understanding is that gods and angels were appellation for visitors from neighboring stars and planets. How else could a lesser advanced people (not advanced YET) describe “that which they saw”? There are common verses accross religions worshiping stars. Why?

    Most religions assume that heaven is unseen in that only seen hereafter. In fact scripture describes it more towards the actual skies, planets and stars. Very differently from that told by Priests, Gurus and Imams. This is where we should draw our conclusions. Angels with wings from heaven – according to scripture – vs Aliens with flying ships.
    They were human, they ate bread with Abraham, had sexual relations with women on earth, according to genesis, controlled by greed resulting in wars of gods and angels,

    There offspring were giants and later stories speak of the lineage being kings and rulers. The Elohim, Nephilim, The Satan (Ha Satan) and sons of gods are evidence enough to urge investigation into who these beings really are/were. Btw, the Satan being an appellation describing a race rather than an individual – therefore HA-SATAN. The Also described in Quran as the Jinn (although Muslims won’t agree).

    Putting it simply, they were humans who visited earth in those days and managed their colonies with iron fists because they were intergalactic traders, just as Marco Polo traded – but of-course on a different scale and ‘ship’. We learn that gold and other minerals were mined here and therefore we know it was human intervention and not angelic or godly as we taught. God the creator would not need his creation to mine minerals for his use, right? God the creator would not fornicate with his/her creation, right? So why does genesis describe these events?

    Monotheistm is accepted by most today and we have to ask – who were these gods – the pantheon gods and why were they interacting with mankind on earth? What were their interests here? and why have they resorted to wars with their ‘competitors’? There is ample evidence suggesting wars amongst great nations and all text describe god like rulers conducting violence against others.

    All this has to make some sense and the only sense is that humans, revered with appellations such as angels and gods, we’re actually galactic visitors who set up colonies and entrusted their offspring (their bastard children) to manage and rule. They were royalty, the ‘sons of gods’. Prejudice, being a perfect construct aimed ONLY at control, existed back then and clearly found in the bible and other scriptures. Bottomline being these bastard children remained nefarious leaders that stopped at nothing to protect ‘dad’s (god’s) property and ensured the mining of gold continued for daddy to despatch in his intergalactic ventures.

    So what is worshipped as holy temples were in fact “headquarters and their branches”. It was a business, larger than corporate multinationals today. They traded on a universal scale, enslaved mankind and killed any who apposed their operations.

    This is no different to what we read in later history about slavery and global traders.
    Power struggles exist throughout history thus should not assume that only earth man fosters such greed. Humans throughout our galaxies share common interests, such as vanity, insatiable greed, lust, power and always seek fame and reverence. We seem to be designed to survive this way until we develop our consciousness. 

    If people intend to debunk AA theories then present hard, intellectual, fact. Can any offer intellectual explanations with many of the stories found in holy books?
    I don’t fully subscribe to all the AA theories though, I do have a strong belief that once mankind were MUCH MORE advanced way before the adamic cycle…6 times over and over. The adamic cycle being the seventh cycle.

    Comment by Shane Schuller | February 4, 2013 | Reply

    • I’ll come back to this one and reply at length. I’ve just got so much on my plate right now. Things to see, places to go and people to do… LOL. Look for this reply to undergo change in the near future.

      Comment by Ice | February 5, 2013 | Reply

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