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America in the End Times?


Readers of prophecy note that all the nations that Messiah does battle with at the End Times are Islamic. As I’ve posted many times before it is evident that Islam is the Beast spoken of in Biblical Prophecy. What Americans want to know is what will be America’s role in the End Time events. For this answer we can only turn to the Scriptures themselves. There are many different interpretations of these scriptures available. The most plausible are those made by Walid Shoebat. You can find many videos of Walid Shoebat giving lectures on YouTube.

There may be more activity regarding America in the end time events than Walid speaks of. As we see the American government building up its internal law enforcement into military units and, without a doubt, arming itself for internal conflict we suspect that America will be distracted from world events due to this coming conflict within its own borders.

But what sort of internal conflict will America face? We see a never ending tirade regarding “racism” in America. (Mostly one sided.) We see rich and poor also pitted against each other. We see Americans being divided by all things possible: race, economic status, gender, religious belief, political party and the list goes on. But what could possibly happen in America that would bring an armed conflict between the State apparatus and its citizens?

What about the economy? Would economic failure effect all Americans? Yes. Could it be a catalyst to armed confrontation? Yes. Could all the other divisions mentioned above play a part? Yes. And we have much more to consider.

Recent articles suggest a build up of men, machines, food and even anti-virus vaccines all scheduled to be deployed in “Region III” by no later than Oct. 1st. The “men” being deployed are said to be United Nations units. And the call for an anti-virus vaccine being needed and ready by that deadline also suggests a false flag operation of great proportions.

What we might also consider are these facts: The UN is controlled by Islamic nations, most readers would accuse Obama of being Muslim, there are millions of Muslims in America, Eric Holder’s (a Muslim) gun running to Mexican Cartels (and who knows who else he has been arming), the ongoing slaughter of Christians by Muslims and that very fact that the Beast appears to be Islam.

There are many scenarios that can be imagined with these clues. If America is the “greatest fortress” that the anti-christ will rise up against then we cannot exclude a “religious” war right here on our own soil. We cannot exclude our own government turning against Christians – considering all the Muslims now in positions of power within the Obama administration which could take advantage of Executive Orders during this coming emergency. It’s very possible that we will see the rise of Islam in America through the federal government with the assistance of UN troops (most from Islamic nations).

Remember, all it would take is for Islam to cry for the war against America to begin and Muslims across America will rise up to the challenge. If this coming Oct. America experiences something large enough to weaken the nation or the will of the people, Islamists may believe it to be the right time to call for their jihad. In order for America to be the “strongest of fortresses” that throws the anti-Christ into the “pit” – America must overcome the internal conflict to come. Which means the militia in America must overcome the Islamist threat from within.

Preppies” have had the right idea all along. My suggestion is that all of my readers prepare for a long struggle and be prepared for something big to happen this Oct. Not much time left to prepare and if you haven’t been “prepping” I would suggest that rations be high priority at this time.





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  1. Part of what you said is already happening … Sharia being pushed down our throats and we cannot stand for this:

    Comment by Freakin' | August 24, 2013 | Reply

  2. I don’t see how Islam could be the beast. At least, not in its entirety. No “elect” person would believe that. Matthew 24 says even the elect will be deceived.

    I do, however, believe Islam to be an arm of the beast. However, the Roman Catholic Church much more fits the bill of “beast power” than Islam. I think the RCC will USE Islam, since they created it. (You can google “roman catholic church invented islam” and find some very interesting articles).

    RCC has many offshoots, including protestantism and islam. This matches more with Revelation 17:5 which calls the woman (Babylon) the “mother of harlots,” which means she has harlot daughters. All the different little churches and religions that spawned from the RCC are evidence of being harlot daughters.

    Also in Revelation 17, she “sits on a scarlet beast.” Could it be that this scarlet beast is the power of islam, being controlled by the harlot (the RCC)? The “false church” will produce the “false Messiah.” Only makes sense. Like I said, no regular “sunday-keeping, pig-eating, xmas-celebrating” christian is going to believe that the Muslim Mahdi is the Messiah. However, if the false church (RCC) sets up its own “messiah,” (probably even called “Jesus”) then I can see many people falling away.

    Comment by eklektostouyahweh | November 6, 2013 | Reply

    • Sorry, but the RCC does not fit the description of the beast. “Satan’s seat” is in Pergamos, Turkey. That’s far from Rome. The RCC does not “behead” people for rejecting Christianity either… nor will it ever. The “Mahdi” of Islam perfectly fits the description of the anti-Christ. The Pope does not. Rome sits on “hills,” not “mountains.” The problem that people have with seeing the truth of the scriptures is that they view everything from a “western” perspective instead of from a Middle Eastern perspective. The prophecies were written from the Middle Eastern perspective. For more information regarding the “beast” please view this video:

      Comment by Ice | November 10, 2013 | Reply

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