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Doctrine and Tradition Part 1

Doctrine and Tradition Part 1.



July 7, 2014 - Posted by | Christianity, Covenant, Faith, Holy Days, Religion, Sabbath, Torah, Yahshua, Yahweh | , , ,

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  1. shalom ICE; blessings to U and Ur family!

    ty for this info; have never come across of YAH-TUBE — what a GREAT IDEA!  look forward to listening to the uploaded info. and will share with others!

    I’d like your suggestions to a situation I encountered with TSA at the regional airport in central texas.  I ws NOT allowed to board the plane to calif because they “could not verify” my identity!  I was taking a flight out becuz my eldest sister passed away and I wanted to get there quivkly.  I eventually took the greyhound bus.

    what ID did I show them?  Credentials (passport n driver license) from the Embassy of Heaven (Church) out of Stayton Oregon.  We have carried those credentials since 1996/97.  I had supporting information to verify that the God’s government was recognized by congress and reagon in 1982/1983; a document with the 18 USC Sec 7 ( 18 USC 7 – Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States defined – Crimes and Criminal Procedure – US Code ), and other documents.  

    I went the day before to present myself and credentials so there would not be any problems the morning of flying out.  I was told by one supervisor they had no problems with my documents and all was OK.  Another supervisor (main guy) gold the office of the Embassy that he had reviewed my crednetials and had no problems with them.  The morning of flying out, he told me he NEVER said that!

    Anyway, there’s more; but that’s the bulk of the story.  My husband was a witness to it all. I did tell that head TSA guy I would be filing a claim agaisnt his bond as he gave me the cards to file a complaint with TSA (or whomever it goes to). 

    I plan on handling this as a complaint and claim to TSA and HSD.  I did contact the congressman’s office of that district and they want to launch an investigation because there’s a lack of uniformity in the airports because these credentials have been used for many years at airports and border crossings. 

    thank U in advance.  whatever info or suggestions are appreciated.  YHWH bless U n Urs!


                18 USC 7 – Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States defined – Crimes and C… United States Code (US Code) includes federal laws on domestic security, aliens and nationality, bankruptcy, copyrights, crimes, food and drugs, taxation, patents and telecom. View on Preview by Yahoo     V 4 Victory!!!

    Comment by A. Caballero | July 7, 2014 | Reply

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