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Get ready to have your mind blown.  You will never be the same after watching these videos.  You will NEVER believe anything you see on the news again.  And you will know that there is a great manipulation taking place by the Media AND the Federal Government.

I am only posting the very first video of this series. Please follow the link at the bottom of this post to view the rest. I’ve included the link to his new website so that you may learn more about this fraud being perpetrated on the American people.

This is basically proof that there are many PsyOps being performed for the news media.  Some of these might even be classified as “False Flag Operations” on a small-scale.  Remember, they are designed to form opinions and beliefs FOR YOU.

I recommend viewing the rest of the videos here and visiting the main website at


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PTSD, Meds, and the Back Door Gun Ban

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The DSM: Inventing Mental Illness

We not only have the “Cancer Industry” faking out Americans … but also one that I believe more Americans are aware of:  Psychiatry.

Many of my readers, family and friends have seen or heard me use the term “Psycho Babble”.  I have never been a fan of mental illness professionals (I use that term loosely). It has always been my belief that in their quest for wealth these people have assisted in bringing this great land to its current critical state. They have assisted not only in “dumbing down” America but in numbing America. I also believe that these people are responsible for creating a great deal of the violence we see on nightly news casts.

What do you think?

Watch this video and realize that you and every one you know fits into several catagories of mental illness … and there are “professionals” that would love to medicate you and schedule regular appointments to assist you with your problems. And maybe they will put you on a government list of some kind so the government will know which “camp” to send you to.

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