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The Points Game

Wow! What a week!! Monday nite was the final points week for the 20 week points tournament. The top 30 players are lined up for the Big Game with $1,000.00 up for grabs!!

The cards have definitely been turning in my favor as I pulled off another win for 20 points (double points in the final game)!! Here’s a pic of my stack at the final points table:

Next Monday (Sept. 27) night is the Big Game.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hummer’s Bar & Grill and The River Town Poker Boyz for the opportunity to participate in this event. I came into this game a few weeks after it started but I am sure glad that I did!!

You can see the points list and find my standing here.  At 5th place I will start the Big Game with $5,500 in starter chips. Note that the higher up in standing, the more starter chips received for the Big Game. This is one of the reasons it has been such a battle for points.  All eyes are now on next Monday nite. Good luck to one and all.

This last week has been a great ride!  Starting with a chopped pot at The Top of the Line Tavern in Bright to back to back wins at Lefty’s Pub in Batesville and finishing with winning 20 points at Hummers Bar & Grill… the freeze is on!!

Once again, I invite my readers and online friends to join The River Town Poker Boyz at any of the locations they play.  Come on in and holler for Ice – I’m always happy to meet my online friends.


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Having Fun with the River Town Poker Boyz!

Had a great week playing poker.  Wednesday nite at Top of the Line Tavern, Mike chopped the pot with me to end the first game of the nite.  Here’s the pic:

The blue chips I’m holding are “bounty” chips. Each chip is worth $1.00.  Each player receives one chip and must put it into the pot any time they go “all in”.  The winner of that pot turns that chip in for cash. The first game at Top of the Line Tavern and Lefty’s is a “bounty” game. The second game at both those locations pays a pot equal to $2.00 per player.

At Lefty’s Pub in Batesville, Indiana the nite was all mine.  With a huge chip lead in the first game I chopped the pot so that we could move on to the second game.

Monday, Sept. 20, is the final point game in the points tournament at Hummer’s in Aurora.  The actual game will be the following Monday — First Place is $500.00.  Some of my readers may not think that’s a whole lot of money. But keep in mind that there is NO COST to play. There is no “buy in” or any other such fees. Walk in, sign up and play. That’s all there is to it. You can find out more at The River Town Poker Boyz website.

You know there has got to be something to this when, in fact, I have no financial affiliation of any kind with The River Town Poker Boyz and yet promote them here at my blog and other social sites.  Simply put: For a Fun Night – Try This!!

Come on and join The River Town Poker Boyz at the many locations they play. Who knows, maybe you can take some of these chips from me!!

Click on any pic to enlarge.

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Texas Hold ‘Em with the River Town Poker Boyz

Many of my readers and friends are aware that a little while back I began playing Texas Hold ‘Em a couple of nights a week.   The River Town Poker Boyz offer games at various locations that are FREE to play and PAY on a winner take all basis.  You can find the locations and details about the games at their link above.

The games actually vary in small ways.  There are “point” games… wherein players play an established amount of weeks in order to earn points by getting to the “final” table. For instance, at Hummers in Aurora, IN, the second game is a “points” game. The top 30 point leaders will sit down in a game for a $1,000.00 pay out.  This game will pay to 4 places. First place is $500.00!! You can learn more about this game and see where Ice stands in points here.

I discovered River Town Poker Boyz thru a flier at one of my regular stops for coffee.  Noting that they hold games in my area … I had to check it out.  I rolled on into Louie’s Place to investigate the situation. “Big Dan” told me he had an open seat and signed me right up.  I had a great time! I’ve been playing ever since.

This Monday night at Hummers was the second time I placed Third at the Final table in the points game. I now hold 21 points and should be 7th on the list (currently waiting for the stats to be updated on their website). Here are a few pics from Monday (click on the pic to enlarge):

Ice at Hummers

Ice's Ace High Straight

Ice at Hummers Final Table

I highly recommend taking a break from your work, research and whatevers’ and join us for a great time. Remember, it’s FREE TO PLAY… and players can win cash prizes.  If any of my readers, MYB and other friends find time to visit any of the locations the River Town Poker Boyz hold games … give out a shout to meet me.  I’m always happy to meet my readers and online friends in person.

Pictures courtesy of Curtis (one of my poker playing friends), pictured below. Curtis split a first place pot at Martini’s … sorry, his pic for that win is no longer available.


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