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“Anyone but Mitt”??

So, it’s “anyone but Mitt”, eh? Let’s look at what we got: Gingrich as “frontrunner”? Considering his comparison to Cain, with all his personal problems – which forced Cain to bow out – how can Newt hold on to this sudden surge in the polls?  With two affairs and failed marriages it’s hard to believe that people are going to give Newt a pass on this when Cain could not get one … regardless of the fact that the Mainstream media seems to be doing just that.

The comparison between Gingrich and Romney holds no stark contrast.  It’s more like looking at twins considering they are both huge Flip Floppers !! Since all the information regarding Romney’s flips have come out he’s declined heavily in the polls. And Newt should meet the same fate as the information regarding his flip flops becomes more widely known.  That is being helped by Ron Pauls new “attack” ad. Which seems a bit out of character for the Congressman but understandable when taking into account Newts machinations to keep Ron Paul from winning election to Congress when Paul had decided to return to the political arena.  What is disturbing about Newts flip flops compared to Mitt’s is that the flips are much more recent.

As I watched the news today with all the talk about where Cain’s supporters were going to go – particularly in light of the “anyone but Mitt” condition – I heard Santorums name mentioned. Not one mention of the only other candidate with double digits in the polls: Ron Paul. Rick Santorum tied with Michelle Bachman at 6% whereas Ron Paul took 2nd with 16%.  The talking heads went on and on about how Cains supporters were looking for someone that wasn’t “main stream” and didn’t fit the “status quo”, someone “outside the box”. And there were, of course, the many mentions of the “Tea Party” as has become common these days.

The media states that Herman Cains supporters do not want “more of the same”.  Romney represents that “same ol’ song and dance” that has been strangling them for decades.   At first, Gingrich seemed like a good alternative.  But after being reminded of Newts true stance on many of the important issues he falls far short of being someone “outside the box” and resonates a tune more akin the “status quo”.  Even Rick Santorum falls into that niche very nicely.

“What about the lovely Michelle Bachman?”, you inquire?  It’s nothing personal … but I think her shrill and whiny voice is the biggest turn off.  It’s hard to fathom this woman as a strong leader. As someone that will do what must be done to protect the borders and the security of the nation.  As easy going as Ron Paul demonstrates himself to be, you might be inclined to think the same of him.  Have no fear in this regard.  Even though the MSM reiterates the same old accusation of Paul being an isolationist – which is far from the truth – there is no need to fear that, as President, Ron Paul would be too timid to take necessary military action.  He was, after all, a military man. (Note: Paul is supported by more military personnel than all other candidates COMBINED.)

So, where are all the Cain supporters going to go?  Isn’t it obvious?  They are jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon.  Congressman Paul has been an “outsider” his entire political career.  The Congressman has never wavered in his position on the issues for the last 30 plus years and has demonstrated that not only in speech but by his record.  This is a man of integrity.  And that resonates well with Cains supporters and all self proclaimed Tea Party activists (which were born from Congressman Pauls 2008 Presidential bid).

Will Iowa  and other early primary voting states hold a surprise for the GOP and the nation?  Will we see an end to the Gingrich surge and a rise of the “Limited Government” Libertarian Congressman from Texas?  All signs seem to point in that direction.



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Media Blackout Backfire?

We have seen how the Media has attempted to manipulate this GOP Primary with exposure time on the news and during debates.  Of all the candidates, Congressman Ron Paul is the most disrespected by the Media.  They cannot claim they are not intentionally running a Blackout against Congressman Paul any longer.  It is very apparent and they have even supplied the evidence of such.  Candidates polling in the single digits get much more talking time in debates than does Paul who consistently polls in double digits.  Let us also note that Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” gets zero discussion time as the Media focuses on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan or Perry’s “Flat Tax” plan (neither of which offer a real solution).

The latest Bloomberg Poll, released on Monday, has Cain at 20%, Paul at 19%, Romney at 18% and Gingrich at 17%.  Basically, this is a tie with the margin of error being 4.4 percentage points.

In the coming weeks it will become increasingly difficult for the Media to continue its Blackout of Congressman Paul.  I predict that with each Ron Paul success the Media will begin speaking about the imagined predicament the GOP may face with a “third-party” run by Ron Paul, totally ignoring the fact that he may actually win the GOP nomination.

The Media Blackout of Congressman Paul has not been as easy this election cycle as it was during the 2008 election cycle.  This may be in part due to the successes of the Tea Party which had spawned from Congressman Paul’s 2008 election bid, a fact that the Media fails to mention in any discussion of the Tea Party.

The Media has been adept at failing to mention that Congressman Paul’s 2008 election run has also changed the focus of political issues around the country as well as the tone of this campaign.

Has the Media committed its final act of sabotage against the American election process?  Has the Media’s attempts to manipulate the nations voters had enough exposure to force the People to seek information elsewhere?  Only time will tell if the Media will continue its attempts to control the outcome of elections or will return to its roots as a “truthful” provider of information.

Honestly, I was surprised to see Ron Paul listed Second in the Headlines.

Romney Two-Way Race Now Four-Way Republican Dead Heat in Iowa

Poll: It’s now a four-way race in Iowa

Cain, Paul, Romney and Gingrich tied in new Iowa poll


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Note from John Tate

90 seconds.

That’s how much of the first hour of tonight’s GOP debate was given to Ron Paul.  90 measly seconds out of 3,600 seconds.

The remaining 3,510 seconds were spent with the other major candidates:

** Declaring their desire to start wars in Iran, Pakistan, and Syria;

** Rehashing their support for torture;

** Agreeing that President Obama has the right to unilaterally assassinate an American citizen without a court conviction;

** Explaining their plans to continue nation-building, policing, and occupying countries across the globe.

It literally made me sick watching the mainstream media once again silence the one sane voice in this election.  The one dissenter to a decade of unchecked war.  The one candidate who stands for true defense and actual constitutional government.

Ron Paul was silenced, in perhaps the most important debate of the cycle.

You have to ask yourself why.

I think I know the answer.  Both parties have perpetuated the foreign policy that is bankrupting our nation and tearing apart the world.

Both parties have started wars without proper congressional authorization.

Both parties have fabricated reasons for war.

Both parties’ outrageous spending has taken us to the brink of disaster.

And if the other candidates on the stage tonight are to be believed, then there is only one candidate who would break the globalists’ stranglehold over our foreign policy, our Treasury, and the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors in the armed forces.

Ron Paul could change history.  He could save our great nation from its own devastating policies of the past 10 years.

If his voice could be heard.

The media has once again BLACKED OUT Ron Paul.

I have to ask my readers if they honestly believe the media is doing their job of giving you the information you need to make a knowledgeable and educated choice for the highest office in the land? Sure they’re not. They don’t want to inform you… they want to manipulate you. Not only do they want more of the same but they do not want the direction this union is headed in to change. They want to see you in chains.

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The GOP “Top Tier” is Done

Check out this video:

Top Tier is Dead



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Which GOP Candidate Will Shrink Size and Cost of Government?

There was a time when the Republican party stood united against taxation, spending, over regulation, centralized government and social programs.  Times have changed.  Recently I have made the comment that Republicans sound more and more like their Democratic counterparts.  Of course, there are exceptions and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I believe all Republicans are adopting the more socialistic attitude of the Democratic majority.

It was reported today that the cost of the war has siphoned over 400 Billion Dollars from the economy.  At a cost of almost 13 Million Dollars per day, whether you support the war or not, the effect that war spending is having on the economy is very evident.  It should be noted that there is one candidate that truly understands this financial burden on the economy and has the courage to do something about it.

The National Taxpayers Union has recently put out a report which concludes that all the GOP candidates, with one exception, will actually increase spending.  Mitt Romney would increase spending by $19.5 Billion, John McCain’s increase would amount to $6.9 Billion and Mike Huckabee would increase spending a whopping $54 Billion.

What has happened to the Republican platform of smaller government and less spending?  It is still alive and well in one of the GOP Candidates: Ron Paul.  The NTU’s report states that, when you crunch the numbers, only Ron Paul would actually shrink the size and cost of Federal Government.

Ron Paul supporters actually get this.  That’s right.  The sign waving, shouting and enthusiastic supporters of Ron Paul are not just a bunch of anti-war protesters.  These are people that understand the economic challenges America faces.  There is no doubt that when Ron Paul said: “Just bring ’em home!”, there were many Democrats, liberals and independents that joined his campaign as they were not hearing such decisive speech about the war from the other candidates, including the Democrats.  But once involved they became enlightened to a vision of America they had once scoffed at because of a total misunderstanding of it as well as a misunderstanding of the role Government is limited to in the daily life of Americans.

These numbers that have come over to take part in the Republican party could easily have supported Kucinich or some other anti-war Democrat.  Upon researching the positions of Congressman Paul, and their overall effect on the American landscape, they have become fervent supporters.  Mainstream Republicans seem to miss the point that Congressman Paul has garnered this energetic support by promoting traditional conservative ideals.

If the GOP ever finds its way back to those traditional ideals they could reshape America into something far greater than it ever has been.  The Party’s growth is directly attributed to Congressman Paul’s campaign.  And that campaign stands on the traditional ideals of the Republican Party.  The front runners of the GOP primary have yet to understand the consequences of abandoning those principles.


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Politics and The American Voter’s Plight

There is no doubt that America is the strongest nation in the world. It is not, and never has been, its military might or economic strength that has made it so. The strength of America lies in its very foundation of Freedom and Liberty which gives every American the power to direct the course of the nation through local, state and federal elections. The strength of America is, and always has been, the American People.

America needs to rise up to the task of meeting the challenges ahead … as only Americans can do. But I am dismayed and have been battling to remain optimistic during this primary season. Do you see what I see happening? Are you as fed up as I am? Is it my imagination or are there millions of Americans about to shoot themselves in the foot?

This primary has put in front of our eyes some very disturbing facts. We have been witness to the most scandalous actions (and inactions) of party officials and Media which should surely incense all Americans. But there is no outcry. In fact, for most of the country it seems these instances have not happened at all or are dismissed because of some unknown logical reason for its happening.

And so, time trudges on with the same sound bites and rally cries from the candidates and the Media commentators editorializing every detail of their campaigns … with one exception, of course.

My question is: How intelligent are the American voters anyway?

Let us take a closer look…

John McCain wants the voters to believe that he has the experience required to meet the economic challenges that lay ahead. He wants the voters to have confidence in his economic ability. He may have convinced some if the polls are any indication. Or maybe that lead in the polls is due to those voters that believe he would make a good “Commander in Chief” in these perilous times of “terrorism”.

To think that anyone would believe that McCain has the economic experience America needs in the top slot really frightens me. It frightens me because it makes a statement about the intelligence of the American Voter.

McCain had his chance to prove his economic prowess with a question posed to him by Congressman Paul during the GOP Florida Debate. Congressman Paul’s question centered on the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.” How many Americans even know what this “working group” is or have any clue as to whether or not McCain’s answer was any answer at all?

The working group is led by Treasury Chief Hank Paulson and includes The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Details about this group are easily found on the Internet.

This aside, did McCain answer the question? Is John McCain going to keep this working group in place? And if so, what would the role of this group be and would what they are doing and how they are involved in the markets be transparent? Or … would he get rid of the working group altogether?

If you can find a yes or no to this question in McCain’s response … please point it out to me! I have found nothing to indicate what he would do. What I saw was a man caught with his pants down. What I saw was a man confronted with a simple question that he should have been able to answer given his years of holding top Federal positions of power.

Now that you know what the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets question actually was … watch this video of John McCain demonstrating his economic knowledge and expertise as he dances around this simple question without ever giving any sort of intelligible answer. And if after understanding all of this there is any American that has actually been convinced that McCain has the economic knowledge and experience needed in these difficult times then I say that American Voter is STUPID.

Over the years we have learned that cutting taxes actually brings more revenue to the government and stimulates the economy. We also know, by pure common sense, that any tax costs laid on corporations is passed on, to the consumer, through higher prices. We have also learned how government spending causes inflation. How can it be possible then that so many Americans are ready to cast their vote for more government spending and higher costs at the checkout counter?

Look at the crowds that Hillary Clinton draws with her promises of more government spending through social programs such as universal health care. Why? How can this be? Is it possible that there are Americans that don’t understand what these programs would do to the economy? … to their personal wealth?

Bill Clinton spoke about how Hillary would push to have the tax breaks given to oil company’s reversed and how that money would be spent for the good of the American People. Yeah, right… and the American People would be paying a lot more at the gas pump than they are right now. This proposal is really nothing more than another tax on the people. And there are actually Americans that want higher fuel prices and higher taxes??

Well, I must admit that I am stymied by all of this. What thought processes bring these voters to the conclusion that Hillary, or any other “tax and spend” Democrat, is what this nation needs during these troubled economic times is beyond my comprehension. Sure, I will probably receive a ton of hate mail for this … but these American Voters are STUPID.

As stated in the opening paragraphs, the election process is the power of the people. And yet there have been, and are going to be, some very serious problems with this primary election. Problems that can only be described with the terms “Fraud” and “Criminal.”

There will be States using totally paperless voting machines in their upcoming elections. This practice violates the secrecy laws of the election process. Isn’t a violation of law a “crime”? And wouldn’t the people involved in this violation of law be considered “criminals”? Where are the American People on this issue?? Where is the outcry?

In previous posts there are links and commentary regarding the New Hampshire primary and how votes were not properly reported from several districts. It was attributed as “human error” at the first location after which several other locations changed their tally to reflect votes for a candidate which had previously been listed as “zero”.

After viewing this video could you honestly say this doesn’t look like a man that is up to no good? Are we really supposed to buy this crap? And are the people of New Hampshire going to stand idly by while these men violate their trust and confidence?

The truth is that Americans are not being properly informed. There are a lot of Americans that don’t realize all of the options they have during this primary because those options are not being reported to them. Americans are being manipulated to vote for the “winner” and to ignore what others consider to be the “losers” in this contest. And Americans are not being informed of any problems regarding the election process.

The Mainstream Media is attempting to influence this primary election by not reporting facts. The Mainstream Media, specially FOX News, has behaved in the most unjust manner ever exhibited by any news agency. How many Americans were informed by FOX News that Ron Paul won 2nd place in Nevada? They didn’t mention his name or put his picture in their graphics when they showed every other candidates percentages. How many were informed by Fox News that Ron Paul took 2nd place in Louisiana and because of the “provisional ballots” that have yet to be counted may actually have won that state?

I have just informed you that Ron Paul took 2nd place in Nevada. I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story. Fox News may actually have put their license at risk. After watching the video you may want to ask yourself why the News Media, whom you depend on to report facts, isn’t reporting these facts. And you might want to do some research and find out why Ron Paul is so popular.

Fox news is pushing the idea that now, even before the Florida primary votes are cast, the GOP has a 2 man race between John McCain and Mitt Romney. Hmm, again they are discounting one of the candidates. No, it isn’t Giuliani or Huckabee they are missing. Giuliani has already hinted that he may drop out if he does not win Florida. And if the polls are correct we may as well say bye-bye Rudy. It may be that Rudy’s back and forth with Ron Paul and the education that Dr. Paul gave him, spelled the beginning of his end.

It isn’t likely that Mike Huckabee will continue on. If he does we will not see much coverage of his campaign as Fox news is setting the tone for this election and is yet undecided between McCain and Romney as to who they want you to vote for. Mikey isn’t in their agenda.

They are missing Congressman Paul in their line up. Ron Paul is in for the long haul. And there may come a time that the Mainstream Media, like Fox News, MSNBC, etc., will no longer be able to ignore him.

America has been the greatest nation in the world because of its Freedom and Liberty that puts the People in Power over the government. America must now rise up to defend itself from domestic enemies that would steal their Power from them. These enemies are a biased media and criminal actions of elected and political party officials. The American People must now rise up and take hold of their power and meet this challenge head on.

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