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Banning is Personal

I’ve been notified by several people that the ban I spoke of in my previous post here has demonstrated a severe personal aspect … having nothing to do with violations of forum rules.

It has been pointed out that many of the members that have been previously banned have retained their profile pics intact.  But this is not the case with mine.  If you look at any of my posts, the ones that still remain that is, you will see a totally different pic.  One that states: Banned and has Loser underneath that.

Oh yeah, this was personal.  Your friend, mrg, did not like Ice having the upper hand… which Ice did. And this is his own special way of “getting even.” He can only do this sort of thing now that I am not there to defend against his attacks. You will all note that any of you that speaks up about this will definitely be on the chopping block and will suffer attacks at the hands of mrg, the moderator, until he can push you into some sort of violation that will allow him to ban you.

Please note that my recent postings at that forum have been deleted.  Please note the personal aspect and the venom displayed by the actions of mrg, your moderator.  Yeah, you know, the guy that wouldn’t give Ice a chance to respond to any of his recent posts and not any chance at all to PM the site Admin (as mrg suggested).

It’s amazing.  This is one of those “I told ya so” moments.  And I would like to offer my sympathies to all of those that remain at that site… even though there are far better forums to participate in.  My sympathy to all of those that will be subjected to such “personal” attacks by the likes of the moderators and other jerks that frequent that site.

Remember my warning: Don’t attempt to defend yourself.  You will be banned and your attacker will go on to remain a “valued member”.  And if you notice and post anything contradictory or unfair about any of the mod’s or the Admin… you can bet your sweet bippy that you will be BANNED. And that is the only thing that you can count on at that forum.

There is no such thing as “Free Speech” at that forum… unless you are a real special buddy of the Admin or the Moderators… and tend to bow to their insuperior brain matter at every opportunity.

ps: Some of you may want to check the comments being made to these posts. Just click on “Comments” to see them


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