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Ice Banned From “Free Speech” Forum For Speaking Freely

Just as I predicted in one of my recent posts… I just found out that I was banned from a certain forum… which I will not link to here for fear that any of my readers may actually visit the freakin’ place, possibly join and then be subjected to the same crap as others, like myself.

I found it very telling that there isn’t any “solicitation” allowed by members… ya can’t even post a link to a business venture in your signature.  I had done this, but this was not the reason I was banned.

I was banned as a “disturber” because I pointed out the contradictory nature of the admin.  It is definite that some members are preferred over others and some are given much more leeway than others.  In most forums a lot of those people that have been favored at this certain forum would have been banned for the crap they had posted.

But let us look at some of the details:

No solitication of any kind?  Allow me to quote one of the administrators Private Messages sent to me (and who knows how many others):

Hey Ice, here is a great opportunity for you.
You are a real go-getter, I know.
You want to help people better themselves too, I know that also.
Call (phone number here), its about a 3 minute message.
Then if you want you can visit my page at:
(his link was here).
It is free.
OK Ice, be cool.

Mike G.

So, what we see by this is that some people must follow the rules and others are not required to.

The thing about the link to my business venture being in my signature is that it was posted in defense against a certain members posts in which he attacked my personal character and the business with accusations of fraud and criminal conduct. Of course, he provided no proof or supporting evidence of such. My link was allowed by the site owner and has been in my signature for many months now. It was recently removed by the other guy which has been harassing me of late.

Now here’s a rub – I get a private message from him that states:

I don’t see any link on that quote.
Talk to Charles about the rest.
We’re done.
You got a warning now.
You want to keep shit disturbing keep it up.

Notice that it sez I’m given a warning.  But when I attempted to log in to respond to this message I discovered that I was BANNED.  Imagine that.

I have no idea what link he thought I should supply for which quote… since I recently made many quotes.  Most of those were from my Private Messages… and he wants me to supply a link to my inbox?  What is he, nuts?

For those of you that may have missed my latest posts… here they are:

Gee… what I lack is the guy’s address… you wanna give it up and then we’ll see how well the contest goes??

Remember that this is a PUBLIC forum.  He posted those things publicly.  And you know that I have all of those postings saved… just as I stated HERE. (<a link was supplied here.)

As for knowledge of the banning… I would have knowledge of the banning if the parties involved shared that knowledge. Can I prove that I have knowledge?? Not for this particular instance… unless one of the parties comes forward and declares that the knowledge I profess to have is accurate.

One thing is for sure… HE WASN’T BANNED BECAUSE OF WHAT HE POSTED ABOUT ME AND MY BUSINESS.  Those things violated the TOS but it didn’t matter. He remained a “valuable member” for weeks after his attack.  And the truth is that I have never witnessed an attack such as his be ignored by any forum administration … as it was here.

And you know that you deleted some of my responses to his postings… and that wasn’t fair at all.  We pm’d each other about that … remember?

Be warned folks… if you attempt to defend yourself and violate the TOS you will be told:

“To be fair and square I have to ban both of you.”

And if you complain about an assault upon your character you will be told there is no violation of the TOS:

“There is know consequences this is a public forum shit happen all the time and you know that too.”

“There is know breach, this is a public forum not private. Freedom is Freedom member’s have the right to speak their minds period.”

And that is how things are handled around here when someone makes false accusations of fraud and criminal activity… when someone comes in here and blatantly attempts to damage your personal character and business with false accusations you won’t see them suffer any penalty for such a “personal attack” (which is supposedly not allowed here).

But I’ll bet you’ll be seeing me get banned for speaking out about this situation from the past.  Of course, there will be some “other reason” offered for the ban … but we’ll know the real reason.

As I said in my earlier post: This stuff happens because the forums involve PEOPLE: People as members and operators.  There will always be a place wherein some people are preferred over others, some will be held in high honor and be allowed to do as they please… and others will be spit on.

What is really amazing is that there are almost 200 people involved in my business… And I have not been told of any one of them that has been approached by any government agency for any reason … I’m sure they would have been asking someone for assistance if they were having any problems.  So… fraud? … criminal activity?  Doesn’t seem to be the case.  But those statements were made and not one shred of evidence was provided to support those accusations.  And those accusations were allowed to stand in this forum without any reprisal.

That’s my side of things.  I don’t really care what any one else thinks about the situation.

You all have a nice life.


The term “drama queen” is very common.  And it was not directed at any specific person but a group of “unknown” people that love to catch the drama in the forums.  Those “drama” threads usually get the most views. They are out there… and they are “drama queens”.  It is a “label” that accurately describes some people.

As for the other “name calling” — oh yeah… that fits the guy.  It was directed at a SPECIFIC FORMER MEMBER (as far as I know he is not currently a member) that has brought this particular label upon himself by his own actions. Anyone that would make such false accusations (unsupported and without evidence as they were) in an attempt to damage anothers personal character and business deserves such a label… and others even more profane as well.

Okay… that’s enough… the drama queens have had their fill for the day.

We’ll be leaving it alone now.


Isn’t it something how some folks must have the last word??  I was given absolutely no opportunity to respond to his private message (the one that stated I am warned) and no opportunity to respond to any responses he or anyone else may have made to my most recent posts. And the quotes above regarding “freedom of speech” came directly from the owner of the site … that “freedom of speech” is being withheld from me.  I got banned because I dared to “speak freely.”

Here is my prediction: that forum, like all the rest that came before it, will crash and burn.

I can easily make this prediction because of the contradictory nature of the people running the show. Free Speech in that forum is only allowed for their “preferred” members … their buddies, their pals… and anyone else that agrees with their take on things.

I have noticed that someone has been in kind of a hurry to download stuff from The Ice Files … and I figure it’s the “admin” guys from that forum downloading stuff for their own download files.  I have password protected The Ice Files.  Ya gotta have the password for access.

As I said in my last few posts there:  Have a nice life.


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